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Configure Munin Node

To install munin node on Ubuntu/Debian, run

To configure, edit file


Below this line, you need to add IP of your Munin Master. You need to convert IP to regular expression format before adding. For example, if your IP is, you need to add

If you want to allow […]

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Install netdata on ArchLinux Disable Netdata Email Notification To install netdata, run

Once installed, you will be able to see servers stats at http://your-ip:19999 Stop/start/restart netdata


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Installing kubernetes master on Ubuntu 16.04

To install master on Ubuntu 16.04, lets start by installing docker.

Now install kubeadm

You can create kubernetes master by running kubeadmin init command.


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Redirect OLD site to NEW using htaccess Limit Access Using htaccess Apache Limit access to a url Disable PHP on a folder How to protect .git folder using htaccess Redirect site from www to non-www Password Protect Site using htaccess Redirect domain to SSL (HTTPS)


Redirect a Page to another

You […]

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Install letsencrypt


Install SSL certificate on Apache

On Nginx

This will stop web server. Generate SSL, then start web server. Getting SSL with out web server Domain should be pointed to the server IP and IP should be public to generate SSL. Run following command.

Auto Renew SSL Certificate […]

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sed can be used to replace text in a file.

g = Global, replace everything in a file. s = substitute text -i = update the file. Delete lines matching string To delete lines having a string and print result.

To update the file, use -i option


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VestaCP Free Hosting Control Panel

VestaCP Free Hosting Control Panel

Reset VestaCP admin password MySQL root password in VestaCP Change Server Hostname in VestaCP VestaCP SSL for mail server VestaCP redirect webmail to HTTPS VestaCP Update Install PHP 7 on CentOS VestaCP VestaCP disable Backups You can login to VestaCP at

phpMyAdmin available at http://YOUR-IP-ADDR/phpmyadmin/ You can see phpMyAdmin Nginx config at /etc/nginx/conf.d/ Web […]

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Enable Zend OPcache in PHP

Zend OPcache in phpinfo

To enable Zend OPCache in PHP, edit php.ini add following to end of the file

Now you may need to adjust some settings, in php.ini uncomment following, change values as needed.

Verify it with

Restart web server. If you using php-fpm or fcgi, you need to restart the process. phpinfo() will show […]

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Install PHP 7.1 php-fpm from source

Lets install the requirements. On CentOS, run

Before you can install, you need to check MySQL socket location. To do this, run following command in MySQL command prompt.

Download and install PHP 7.1 from source

Copy the configuration files

Now you will be able to start php-fpm by running

By […]

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Install Redis PHP Module from source

To install Redis PHP module from source, run

Once installed, edit your php.ini file, add following below extension_dir line

Verify redis is installed with php -m

Now restart web server

phpinfo() will show following […]

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