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Install Elasticsearch 7 on Ubuntu for Magento 2.3

To install Elasticsearch, add the key

add apt repository

install elasticsearch with apt

Set elasticsearch to start on boot

Elasticsearch can be started and stopped as follows:

verify elasticsearch is running with

or with

if it fail to start, you can debug with

See elasticsearch […]

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Vue.js is a popular javascript framework. To install Vue, you need Node.js installed.

Install Vue.js with

Verify Vue.js working with

To create a project, run


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How to Enable WordPress Toolkit in Cpanel/WHM

WordPress Toolkit

To install WordPress Toolkit in Cpanel/WHM, first install it with command

After installation, you will be able to see WordPress Toolkit in CPanel. You can enable/disable WordPress toolkit under Feature Manager in WHM.

How to install WordPress using WordPress Toolkit This video will show how to install WordPress using WordPress Toolkit in Cpanel […]

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How to use HTTP Basic authentication with cURL

To access sites that use HTTP Basic authentication with curl, use command


If you don’t specify password, curl will promt for password. See curl […]

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How to install Imunify360 antivirus

Imunify360 is a security software that include antivirus, firewall, intruder detection and web application firewall (WAF). It can block attacks and malware uploads in real time. To start installation, run the following script with your activation key:

If you have an IP-based license, run the same script with no arguments:

See imunify […]

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Show IP address in history

On Linux Server, history command shows previously executed commands. If you have many people working on a server, it is better log IP address of the user who run the command along with time for security reason. To log, IP and date, create file

In the file, add

Make it executable

Create […]

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