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How to find RAM details in Linux


To find RAM memory details (model number/manufacturer) in Linux, you can use the command

To show only model numbers, run

Once you find the Part Number, you can search in google for the part number to see more details about the RAM. On Ubuntu/Debian, you can install dmidecode with the command

On […]

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How to install LetsEncrypt SSL on Bitnami WordPress Server


To install a free LetsEncrypt SSL certificate on bitnami WordPress installation, do the following log in to the server as user “bitnami” using SSH/putty. Run command

It will ask for the domain name. Enter domain names separated by space. After that you will be asked if you need to redirect the domain name to […]

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Uvicorn is a lightning-fast ASGI server used to serve python ASGI frameworks like FastAPI, Django Channels, Quart, BlackSheep, etc… To install Uvicorn, run

To run, you can use

See Python […]

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Running Apache VirtualHost under separate user with mpm-itk

Apache MPM ITK

mpm-itk allow you to run Apache VirtualHost under a specific user/group instead of under the Apache user/group. On Debian/Ubuntu Apache web server is run under user www-data. When you host multiple websites under an Apache server, running all sites under the same www-data user allows a hacker to access files of other sites if one […]

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Install Elasticsearch with Docker

To Install Elasticsearch with Docker, first, you need to install docker on your server with command

Docker images for Elasticsearch are available from You can see all available versions at To create an elasticsearch container, run

To run it in the background

To verify if ElasticSearch works, run

Back […]

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Unmetered Dedicated Server Providers (, (piratebay hosted here after its take-down) LARGE SITES AND HOSTS – leaseweb for videos – – – WEBAZILLA.COM – – – […]

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How to find Memory (RAM) available on a Linux Server

To find memory, use the free command.

Will show memory in MB. The following is free -m on a server with 8 GB RAM.

To display memory usage in a human friendly way, use



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How to find CPU of a Linux Server

To find CPU used on a Linux system, run command



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