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Fake SMTP Server for testing

When you develop a website or an application, you may need to use a fake SMTP server for debugging. Fake

How to find Moodle version from Database

Sometimes you may need to find what version of Moodle database you have. To find the version of moodle from

PrestaShop Customer Service Page not working

On a PrestaShop site on clicking Customer Service link on the left menu, the page failed to load, it stuck

Rocky Linux

How to install PPTP VPN on Rocky Linux 8

PPTP on Rocky Linux is provided by the EPEL repository, so enable EPEL repo by running Install the pptpd package

Allow PPTP VPN connection on firewalld

To allow PPTP VPN connection when using firewalls, run the following commands. Allow 1723/tcp Allow gre protocol or Enable IP

Domain Name

Domain Name

Sell your domain Names Here are some sites where you can list your website for sale. Buy expired

Magento Two-Factor Authorization

Magento 2 Disable Two-Factor Authorization

On a Magento 2.4 fresh installation, when I log in to the backend, I got the following error message. To

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘PIL’

When running a python application, I got the error message ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘PIL’ To fix the error install

This version of ChromeDriver only supports Chrome version

When running a python application, I get the error message To fix the error, download the chrome driver for your

How to create MySQL read only user

To create a MySQL database user with read-only access to a database, use the following command In the above SQL

How to take screenshot with ffmpeg

ffmpeg provides x11grab driver that can be used to take screenshots. You can use the following command to take screenshots,

MySQL Could not create unix socket lock file

When trying to reset MySQL 8 user root password, I got the following error message in the log file (/var/log/mysql/error.log).