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linux software installation

Install Thin web server Install Xfce VNC remote desktop on CentOS 7 How to install LetsEncrypt SSL on Bitnami WordPress Server Install Elasticsearch with Docker Install MySQL 8 on FreeBSD How to Install Xfce and VNC on Ubuntu 20.04 How to install ImunifyAV+ How to install development tools on Debian/Ubuntu Install Nginx ModSecurity on CentOS […]

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Install Thin web server

Thin is a Ruby web server that can handle high levels of concurrency. Install it with

Installing thin on Ubuntu You can install thin web server on Ubuntu/Debian using


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.forward file

Users can create a .forward file in their home directories that is used by mail servers like exim, sendmail used to redirect email to another email account. When mail is sent to a local user, the sendmail command checks for the $HOME/.forward file. The $HOME/.forward file can contain one or more addresses or aliases. If […]

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How to host static site using pm2

pm2 is a process manager for node.js applications. You can use pm2 to host static websites. To host a static website, create a folder, put your files inside.

Let’s create a static file, say index.html

Now you can make the site live using the following pm2 command

Now the static site will […]

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How to find all subdomains of a domain

find all subdomains

Subfinder is a subdomain discovery tool that discovers valid subdomains for websites by using passive online sources. It has a simple modular architecture and is optimized for speed. subfinder is built for doing one thing only – passive subdomain enumeration, and it does that very well. Subfinder is designed to comply with all passive sources […]

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PrestaShop show comment in invoice

PrestaShop order comment in invoice

To show user comment in PrestaShop PDF invoice Edit file classes/pdf/HTMLTemplateInvoice.php

Inside function getContent(), find around line 161

Add below

In the same file, around line 333, find the $array variable, inside it, add

Edit file pdf/invoice.tpl


Add above

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PrestaShop show total product weight in PDF invoice

Show weight in prestashop invoice

To show total product weight in PrestaShop PDF invoice, edit file.

Inside function getContent(), on line 166, find

Replace with

On around line 332, find

Above $data line, add

Inside the array, add

Now we need to edit the PDF template file.

Inside the file, find

Add […]

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PrestaShop add customer email to invoice

PrestaShop show customer email

PrestaShop PDF invoice won’t show customer email address by default for some strange reason. To show the email address in the Invoice, we need to manually modify PrestaShop files. This instruction is tested on PrestaShop version To show customer email address in PrestaShop PDF invoice, edit file

On line 329, find

Inside […]

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