Nginx configuration for aMember

Here is Nginx configuration for aMember script

See Nginx

Add Server to R1Soft Server Backup Manager

After installing r1soft backup agent, you need to add the server to R1Soft Server Backup Manager SE.

Click on “Protected Machines” link on left side menu.

Click on “New Machine” button.

r1soft backup

On this page, enter following details “Machine Name” and “Hostname / IP”. I used host name as Machine Name. Then used IP address. I don’t enable Encryption, you can enable it for added security.

Click Save button.

Now login to server where Backup Agent is installed (Protected Machine) and run


Now verify key is added with command

Next, you need to Configure Server Backup in R1Soft Backup Manager

Install R1Soft Agent

To install R1Soft Agent on CentOS, create a file


Now you can install Agent with command

You can stop/start agent with command

Once installed, verify connectivity with command

See r1soft

Delta RPMs disabled

When i install software on CentOS server, i get following warning

Delta RPMs disabled because /usr/bin/applydeltarpm not installed.

You can install deltaparm package

This will save you some bandwidth as yum will only download difference between previous package.


On ubuntu, install it with

To format a partition in btrfs, run

To mount, use

Since we don’t create any partition inside /dev/sdc, we just use sdc instead of normal sdc1.

I tried with /dev/sdc1, but did not work.


MySQL Installation

MySQL User Management

MySQL Optimize

MySQL Backup/Restore


MySQL Errors

Reset MySQL root Password

Reset MySQL 5.7 root password on Ubuntu 16.04

To reset MySQL root password, stop MySQL

Start MySQL with

Start another terminal, login to MySQL as root

Run following commands to change password.

Now you need to kill running MySQL processes and start MySQL as normal.


To install softaculos, run

You need to enable ioncube, this can be done in WHM > Tweek Settings