Transnational Email Providers

Amazon Simple Email Service

$0.10 per 1,000 emails sent. 65K free emails per month if you are hosted on EC2.

Disadvantage: You can only sent from @your-domain.extn, if you have a SAS application and need to sent from some other email address, you need domain added to SES and verified.


Free plan allows you to send 150K emails per month.

Disadvantage: All outgoing email must include physical address.


First 10K emails for Free every month. Pay as you go pricing. After 10K free email, you will be charged $0.00050 per email.


Free account allow you to send 6,000/- email per month. Monthly plan start at $7.49 per month for 30k emails.


50K Emails for $9 per month. If you are on AWS, you can get it cheaper from marketplace.


40K email per month for $9.95 per month.

SendGrid API key

Configure postfix to relay mails using SendGrid

To use postfix to send email using sendgrid, you first you need to install postfix on your server. Edit


Delete the line. Go to end of the file and add following

Create API Key in SendGrid

Next you need to create an API key in sendgrid. To do this, go to Settings > API Key.

SendGrid API key

Click “Create API Key” button.

Sendgrid create api key

For this test, i just give the new API key Full Access. On next page you will get API key. Copy it and keep it safe as you won’t be seeing it again.

sendgrid api key created

Now you have the API key, that you can use with postfix.

Add API Key to postfix

Edit file


Here is what i have

[email protected]:~# cat /etc/postfix/sasl_passwd
[]:587 apikey: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
[email protected]:~#

Now run

To test email, run


fping can be used to ping multiple IP and get report.

If you just want to show if hosts are up or not

DirectAdmin CustomBuild versions.txt is getting old

I got following email from DirectAdmin server.

New Message: CustomBuild versions.txt is getting old on

A new message or response with subject:

CustomBuild versions.txt is getting old on

has arrived for you to view.
Follow this link to view it:

Automated Message Generated by DirectAdmin 1.52.1

Do Not Reply.

DirectAdmin is telling you to update your server.

You need to login to SSH as user root. Then run following commands.

postfix no local interface found

When starting postfix it failed with following error

To fix, edit /etc/postfix/


Replace with

See postfix

subprocess installed post-installation script returned error

When installing software on Ubuntu, i get following error.

To fix this, run

Replace PACKAGE_NAME_HERE with actual package that fail. In this cause spl-dkms.

See apt


To change vi editor run

To display current vi config, run