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Install GeoIP Apache Module in CentOS

To install GeoIP Apache module on CentOS 7, run

Now you need to configure Apache VirtualHost. To block traffic, add following to your VirtualHost entry

In this example, traffic from CN, RU and A1 (stands for proxy IP) get redirected to specified URL. geoip […]

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Restart php-fpm in Cpanel Server

To restart php-fpm on Cpanel server, run

For Cpanel php-fpm, run

php-fpm config stored in /opt/cpanel/ea-php70/root/etc/php-fpm.conf, pool config available in folder

php70 is for PHP version 7, replace it with actual PHP version you are using. Cpanel Server php-fpm […]

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To set timezone in Ubuntu, run

timedatectl To get list of all available timezones, run


You can use following command to set timezone


/etc/localtime For GMT



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Sendy cronjob


if you are installing as user root, run cronjob as web server user. On Ubuntu


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Configure ElasticEmail with Postfix

To configure ElasticEmail with postfix, first install sasl support On Debian/Ubuntu


Edit postfix config

On Ubuntu/Debian, you need to comment the line starting with “relayhost”. Add following

Now create file

Add following content

You can find your SMTP user name and password from Now run


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Check if PHP session is working

To check if PHP session is working, upload following script

Access the file, refresh the page in browser, if you see number increase with every refresh, PHP session is working properly on server. […]

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