Install PHP 7.2 in CentOS ISPConfig Server

First you need to install EPEL repo and REMI repo. To install EPEL, run

To Install REMI repo, download RPM file for your OS from For CentOS 6, run

For CentOS 7

Install PHP 7.2 with

Configure PHP-FPM


Replace 9000 with unused port, i used

Restart/Enable […]

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Enable LetsEncrypt SSL in ISPConfig

Login to ISPConfig at https://your-server-ip:8080 On main menu, click on “Sites”. It will show all available web sites on your server. Click on the domain on which you need LetsEncrypt SSL installed. On Next page, click the check boxes “SSL” and “LetsEncrypt”. Click “Save” button. In few minutes you will get SSL installed on your […]

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