How to install zabbix agent on Ubuntu

zabbix agent Server config

To install the Zabbix agent on Ubuntu, run the command

To autostart, Zabbix agent on boot, enable it with

To manage Zabbix, use commands

To see Zabbix listening port

Edit file


Replace with

Restart zabbix agent

After the Zabbix agent is installed, you need to add […]

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Restart Apache if failed

This bash script check web site every 5 minutes, restart the web server if web site is not responding. Create a file


In above code, replace https://YOUR_DOMAIN.EXTN/ with your sites actual url. Make it executable

Create a cronjob


See Server Monitoring […]

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Percona Monitoring and Management

Percona Monitoring and Management is an Open Source monitoring software for MySQL, PostgreSQL and MongoDB. It is based on grafana and node_exporter. You can see source code at Install instructions for Percona Monitoring and Management available at See MySQL […]

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