Server Load

Here are some useful commands to check server load. iostat shows disk IO usage. %iowait shows how much time process wait for disk operation. This should be 0. If you are on VPS, check for %steal to see if host server is overloaded.

Checks for processes in ā€˜Dā€™ state

Top processes using CPU […]

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Find MySQL Database and Table Size

To find size of database using SQL command, run following SQL in MySQL promt.

Example FInd disk usage by tables To find disk usage by tables in database, run

In above SQL, replace DB_NAME_HERE with actual name of the database. Example

See MySQL […]

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Requesting a zone trasnfer with dig

To request a zone transfer using dig, use


See dig […]

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Steam store games on different Disk

I have a 250 GB SSD as boot drive. My steam games installed on a 2nd 2 TB hard disk. After reinstalling Ubuntu, i installed steam with.

Steam does not show the games installed on the 2 TB HDD. To get the games work, i renamed steamapps folder, them created a symlink to directory […]

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GNOME Shell Extension

GNOME Shell Extensions allow you to add/modify features in Gnome Desktop. Gnome Desktop is used by Ubuntu. Shell Extensions are stored in folder

On Ubuntu 20.04, i installed NoAnnoyance extension. This prevent Annoying Windows Ready notification. To install an extension, go to the web page of the extension, you will be asked to […]

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Install TeamSpeak Client on Ubuntu

TeamSpeak Client Ubuntu

To install TeamSpeak client on Ubuntu, download latest version from Download page list both 32 and 64 bit versions. Most computers these days use 64 bit OS. So download 64 bit version unless you are using older computer with 32 bit OS. On Ubuntu, you can find if you are using 32 or 64 […]

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