MySQL 5.7 Community Server GPG keys already installed but they are not correct

On a CentOS 7 server, when updating software packages with the yum update command, it fails with the following error

How to remove a package without removing dependencies in RHEL

When you remove a package with the command yum will remove all other packages that are dependent on the package


How to install dropbear SSH server

Dropbear is a Lightweight SSH server. You can use it as openssh server alternative. Dropbear is particularly useful for embedded

Validate class not found from basename Magento\Framework\Validator\EmailAddress

After Migrating a Magento site from shared hosting to a dedicated server running Plesk, when doing check out, I get

Magento 2 static resources missing after server change

After Migrating a Magento 2 site to a new server with a different folder structure (document root), static resources like


Reset nextcloud admin password (snap install)

To reset the admin password of a nextcloud installed using the snap package, run It will ask for the new

Laravel supported ciphers are AES-128-CBC and AES-256-CBC

On a Laravel application, I get the following error message To fix the error, run the command This will generate

How to change URL of a Drupal site

To change the URL of a Drupal website, edit the file Find the line Replace your old domain name with


How to Install Docker on Oracle Linux 8

Oracle Linux Server 8 does not include docker in the official repository, it provides Podman as an alternative to docker.

VirtualDub Video Direct Stream Copy by default

VirtualDub Video Direct Stream Copy by default

When you start VirtualDub, the processing mode is set to “Full Processing Mode”. Most use “Direct Stream Copy” when cutting

How to install lighttpd from source code

Lighttpd is a secure, fast, compliant, and very flexible web server that has been optimized for high-performance environments. In this

growpart: command not found

When trying to resize a disk on Debian 8, I got the following error Fixed by installing cloud-utils package On