PrestaShop clean MySQL database tables

On a PrestaShop site, queries like the following get stuck forever This is because PrestaShop database table ps_connections grow too


How to Speed Up Your WordPress Site

Getting your site to load faster is very important. Bounce rate (visitors leaving your website) on your website increases as


How to add a PPA repository using Ansible?

To add a PPA repository using Ansible, use Example

SSL Certficate


Delete LetsEncrypt SSL certficate List all letsencrypt certificates Change Email address of LetsEncrypt SSL Certbot Remove a Domain Name from

SSL Certficate

Certbot Remove a Domain Name from SSL Certficate

On a server, I have an SSL certificate with 2 domains ( and no longer pointed to this

How to find all IP address of a Linux server

To list all configured IP addresses on a server, you can use the command To find the main IP, use

Zimbra Mail Server

How to disable Zimbra dnscache service

When you are using the Zimbra mail server behind NAT with Split DNS, you need to disable dnscache service. To

Zimbra Mail Server

How to Zimbra Split DNS with dnsmasq

When you install Zimbra on a server behind NAT, your public IP is not configured in the server, instead, it


How to Install Yarn Package Manager on Ubuntu

Yarn is a javascript package manager like npm. Import the GPG key Add the repository Instal yrarn with apt See


The best Windows backup software

If you are using a Windows Server, you may need to backup your data as storage devices can fail at

How to check old login history with last command

To see login history on a Linux system, you can use the “last” command. -n 10 limit result to last

How to configure Security Headers in Nginx

You can add the following headers in your nginx.conf or server entry to improve website security See Nginx