How to install PHP from Source on Ubuntu

Compiling PHP from source code can be essential when you require a specific PHP version that isn’t available through your


How to Install Docker on AlmaLinux 9

To install Docker on AlmaLinux 9, enable Docker repository To install docker, run To start docker on boot, run To

Nano Editor

Nano is a simple and user-friendly command line text editor for Unix-like operating systems. It’s designed to be easy to

caddy webserver

How to Use Caddy as a Reverse Proxy

Caddy is a powerful and user-friendly web server. One of its features is its ability to act as a reverse

Zimbra Mail Server

How to block a domain in Zimbra

To block all emails from a specific domain in Zimbra, run the following commands as user zimbra (su – zimbra).


WordPress Redirect Visitor On 404 Error

WordPress shows a 404 page when visitor navigate to a non existent page. To redirect visitor to a specific page,


Install Yarn Package Manager

Yarn is a package manager for JavaScript like npm. It is commonly used for managing dependencies for Node.js applications, but

How to Recover MySQL Table Structure from .frm File

To recover MySQL table structure from .frm file, you can use dbsake. You can find dbsake documentation at To


How to Disable apt Ubuntu Pro Advertisement

On running apt upgrade on Ubuntu 20.04 and newer, Ubuntu shows advertisement abour Ubuntu Pro subscription. To disable the Ubuntu

Plesk Backup

To bakcup a site using SSH, login to server as user root, run the command plesk bin pleskbackup –domains-name



To display the effect of rule set changes, use nft list ruleset Flush rules nft flush ruleset


Set unlimited resources for a user in cloudlinux

To set unlimited resources for a user in cloudlinux, run the following command: Back to cloudlinux