How to find Amazon S3 bucket size

To see the disk usage of an Amazon S3 bucket, do the following 1) Click on the bucket name 2) Click on Metrics 3) On Next Page, you will see S3 bucket disk usage. In this case, the bucket size is 39.3 MB. To find disk usage using awscli, run

See Amazon S3 […]

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How to cut lines separated by multiple spaces?

cut is a Linux command that can be used to cut a line of text with a specific delimiter. I want to cut lines separated by multiple spaces like Since the fields are separated by multiple spaces, I can’t just use cut -d’ ‘ command. What you can do is combine multiple spaces into one […]

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How to fix WordPress 404 error in Webuzo


Webuzo hosting control panel has the option for selecting web servers Apache or Nginx. On a server using Nginx, after uploading the WordPress site and restoring the database, the website home page worked. When I clicked on any web page, I get a 404 Page not found error. To fix this, you need to add […]

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How to install and use rdesktop

rdesktop is an open-source client for connecting to windows using Windows Remote Desktop Services. To install rdesktop on CentOS/Fedora run

To install rdesktop on Ubuntu/Debian servers, run

To connect a server with rdesktop


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sshpass is used to non interactively log in to remote SSH server and execute commands. It can use a password from a file, environment variable, or from a command-line argument. To install sshpass on RHEL/CentOS, run

On Debian/Ubuntu


Take MySQL backup on a remote server

Command-line options for sshpass are […]

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basic server utils


For non cpanel server, install epel See Server Setup […]

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First C Program

To create your first C Program, open any text editor, copy and paste the following code

Save it as hello.c Before you can run this program, you need to compile it. To compile run

Make the program executable with

To run


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Cpanel Mail Server

To see the current mail server setup on the Cpanel server, run

Cpanel Provide Following Mail servers

Roundcube mail logs in Cpanel

See exim mail server, Cpanel Server […]

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