How to Install memcached on CentOS Plesk Server

Install memcached daemon with command Enable memcached to start on boot Start memcached You can verify if memcached is running


smartmontools is used to check the health of hard disks. To install smartmontools on CentOS, run The command line for

How to verify installed packages on Ubuntu/Debian

To verify the integrity of installed packages, you can use debsums utility. First of all install debsums with command To

sleep-monitor system is about to suspend

On a remote Linux server running XFCE desktop, the server goes down randomly, on monitoring /var/log/syslog, i found the following

Plesk Error: There is no IP address X in the pool

After a Plesk server crash, I migrated files over to a new server. When I log in to Plesk and

View Past Performance Data With sar

sysstat stores past data in the directory Each day log files are stored in a file with the respective date.

How To Install ionCube on Ubuntu 20.04

ionCube is PHP extension that is used to load ionCube encoded PHP files. ionCube is used to protect commercial PHP

How to install PHP PECL Extension

PECL is a repository for PHP extensions. To install PHP extensions from PCEL, you can use the command To install

Install PHP 7.2 mcrypt extension on CWP Server

The mcrypt extension has been abandonware for nearly a decade and was deprecated in PHP 7.1, It has been removed

Redirect a page to another using HTML

To redirect a webpage to another using HTML, you can use meta tag with http-equiv=”refresh”.

Monitoring APCu with APCu Panel

apcu-panel provide GUI to monitor APCu cache. To install apcu-panel on CentOS, run The package provides following files To enable

Install CyberPanel on Ubuntu

To install CyberPanel on ubuntu, run Once installed, you can log in to admin area at