Prometheus init script for CentOS 6

Create init file.

Add following

Create User For Prometheus

Run prometheus on Boot

Verify it is enabled

“3:on” will start prometheus on run level 3, that is normal boot. Start Prometheus

See Monitor Server with Prometheus and Grafana […]

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Install CSF Firewall

For non cpanel server, install perl modules

On Ubuntu

Once we have requirments installed, install csf with

See csf […]

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To search for available packages, run


Ubuntu find Dependencies for a package apt […]

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curl using cookie

Here is some example of using curl to login to site, use cookie to do further requests.

See curl […]

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chown command is ued to change ownership of a file or folder In this example ownership of folder public_html to username and group specified.

-R used for recursively change ownership, that is all files and folders inside the folder also get the new ownership. See Linux Commands […]

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Enable atd

Setting Job

Deleting at job

See linux commands […]

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Auto upgrade software in Ubuntu/Debian

To auto upgrade software packages in Ubuntu/Debian, install


In this file, you can configure various settings. See apt […]

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rpmquery command allow you to check if a specific rpm package installed on your computer.


See rpm […]

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