How to increase /tmp partition size

On a Linux server /tmp partition was only 1 GB, it get full at times. Server had following in its /etc/fstab file

Currenly file /var/.tempdisk is mounted as /tmp. So i created a new file with 4 GB size

Format it as ext4 file system

Before i swith /tmp to newly created […]

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OpenLiteSpeed move Swapping Directory


By default OpenLiteSpeed use /tmp/lshttpd/swap for temp files. If your /tmp partition is small, disk may get full. To move OpenLiteSpeed swap partition to / partition do the following.

Now login to OpenLiteSpeed admin interface at

If you don’t have user name and password, you can reset it by running command

Once […]

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Postfix enable Maildir

To enable postfix, run

You can do it by editing /etc/postfix/


if home_mailbox entry already in file, then modify instead of adding a new entry. Virtual Mailbox If you are using virtual mailbox, make sure you spedify folder in your virtual_mailbox_maps. Here is what i have in

in […]

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apt The method driver /usr/lib/apt/methods/https could not be found

When running apt update on a Debian server, i get error

To fix the error, run

See apt […]

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List Kernel Full details

List Architecture

Show Kernel Version

See Linux Commands […]

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Install Nginx from source

Nginx Web Server

Install Requirements CentOS/RHEL/Fedora


Create nginx user

Downoad and insta Nginx You can download latest version of Nginx source code from To install version 1.19.2, run

Test Nginx To start nginx run

Configuration file is at

See Nginx […]

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Fetch as Google with curl

A hacked web site got hacked. The site listed on google SERP with text “There are essentially two prescribed drugs which viagra 200mg”. When you visit the site in browser and heck the source, you see everything normal, no text related to viagra. This is because malware on site only show that content to google […]

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