Update Cpanel License Key

To update cpanel server license, run


Back to Cpanel Server […]

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PrestaShop Product Images not showing

PrestaShop SEO URL configuration

After migrating a PrestaShop 1.7 web site to another domain, site did not show product images. To fix this, you need to regenerate .htaccess by disabling and enabling “Friendly URL”. Login to PrestaShop Admin area, go to

On this page, scroll down to “Set up URLs” section. Select NO for “Friendly URL”, then click […]

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Creating Software RAID 5

RAID 5 Requires 3 or more physical disks. It provides the redundancy of RAID 1 combined with the speed and size benefits of RAID 0. RAID 5 uses striping, like RAID 0, but also stores parity blocks distributed across each member disk. In the event of a failed disk, these parity blocks are used to […]

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Autostart icecast using systemd

To autostart icecast using systemd, create a unit file

Add following content

Enable icecast start on boot with

To start/stop/restart icecast, use


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configure: error: must have Ogg Vorbis v1.0 or above installed

when install icecast from source on CentOS 7 server, i get error

To fix the error, install libvorbis-devel

See Errors […]

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