Ansible multiple hosts behind NAT port forwarding

I have 2 servers behind NAT, so they share the same IP address, SSH service runs on two different ports.

cPanel Server

How to install PHP 7.4 mcrypt module in Cpanel Server

mcrypt is a PHP module, that was DEPRECATED in PHP 7.1.0, and REMOVED in PHP 7.2.0. mcrypt is removed from

Cron Job fails with Error Message “(getpwnam() failed): No such file or directory”

On a CentOS server, cronjob did not work. Checking the log file found the following error message in /var/log/cron The

How to fix InnoDB: ERROR: the age of the last checkpoint

On a MySQL server, the error log keeps getting the following error message The error is because you are trying

How to block bad bots User-Agents in Cloudflare

Cloudflare provides a way to block bad bots under If you want to block one bots that is allowed, you

How to get list of User-Agent from access log

I wanted to block bots from accessing a website. For this, I need to generate a list of all browser

How to block bad bots User-Agents in Nginx

To block bots by User-Agent in Nginx, add the following to the server entry of the website. Restart Nginx To

How to reset root password on Hetzner Dedicated Server

If you forget the root password of a Hetzner dedicated server, you need to boot the server into rescue mode,

Apache web server

Apache Website not loading – DDoS

On a Fresh Cpanel Server, after pointing the domain name to the server, the website won’t load. Some times site

How to Open Port in Amazon EC2 instance

By default Amazon EC2 only allow port 22 (SSH) on Linux servers and port 3389 (RDP) on Windows Instances. All


How to reset WordPress Password using wpcli

If you lost your WordPress user password, you can use forget password link on the WordPress login screen to reset


rsyslog Unsafe symlinks encountered in /var/log, refusing

When updating packages on an Ubuntu server, I got the error “Unsafe symlinks encountered in /var/log, refusing.”. This is due