Install PowerMTA

Install the requirments

If you already have a mail server remove it.

If you want to keep current mail server, you can run PowerMTA on a port other than 25.

Restart PowerMTA

If you get any error, run powermta in debug mode

To customoize your PowerMTA install, edit config file […]

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PowerMTA test using telnet

To test PowerMTA using telnet, run

Now paste following content

To see logs

To see PowerMTA queue, run

See PowerMTA […]

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PowerMTA IP Rotation

To setup IP rotation in PowerMTA, configure multiple IP on the server. Setup rDNS for each of these IP, point a sub domain to these IPs same as the reverse DNS entry. Here is an exable First we need to edit DNS records. Add folowing A records.

Set up rDNS (reverse DNS/PTR Record) with […]

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Ubuntu Server 20.04 set static IP with netplan

First check if you have file

If the file exists, make sure, you have following content in it.


Replace all content with

In above cause is your static IP address. is the gateway. eth0 is network interface name. Now try the chnages with

If all good, you […]

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imunify360 find license details

To check if your imunify360 license is valid, run


To get more details of imunify360 license installed on the server



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Stop SSH bruteforce with endlessh

Endlessh is an open source SSH trapit. It send slow random banner string to attacker, wasting their time. Before you install endlessh, you need to change your SSH port to a higher non default port. To do this edit


Replace with

If the line is commented with #, uncomment it. Now […]

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supervisorctl is used to control supervisord. To reload all monitored processes, run

To restart a monitored process, run

See supervisord […]

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pvdisplay is used to display all physical volumes on a LVM.

See LVM […]

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lvdisplay is used to display logical volumes. You can also use lvs command.

See LVM […]

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