Apache Show Real IP Address when using CloudFlare

When using Apache web server behind cloudflare, apache logs show cloudflare IP address instead of real visitor IP address. To show actual visitor IP address, you need to install mod_cloudflare apache module.

Before you can install the module, you need to install following requirments.

On Debian/Ubuntu server,

Now install mod_cloudflare with

Restart apache web server with

Verify mod_cloudflare apache module is loaded with

apache cloudflare module


MySQL ERROR 1193 Unknown system variable GTID_PURGED

When restoring MySQL backup taken on Amazon RDS, i get error

To fix this, open db.sql in text editor, remove the line

Another solution is take a new MySQL backup with –set-gtid-purged=OFF option and restore it.

mysql create database

MySQL create database

To create a database, you can use


To create a database with specific charset use

You can use whatever character set you wish instead of utf8mb4.


mysql create database

To delete a database, use

Install PHP 7 on CentOS VestaCP

To install PHP 7. you need to first enable epel and remi repo.

Remove existing PHP

Install PHP 7.3

start php-fpm

Set php 7.3 as default PHP for cli

Restart apache

Install ImunifyAV on Cpanel Server

ImunifyAV is Free version of malware scanner for web sites. To install ImunifyAV on Cpanel or DirectAdmin server, run

MySQL root password in VestaCP

In VestaCP server, MySQL root password is stored in file /usr/local/vesta/conf/mysql.conf, to find MySQL root password, run

Configure Nginx Reverse Proxy behind Cloudflare

On reverse proxy server, lets install some basic utilities.

Install nginx

Now create a config file

Add following to the file and save

In above replce following

Next create a self signed SSL certificate for the web site

Restart nginx

At this stage, you can login to cloudflare, point IP of the web site to reverse proxy server IP address.

Show real IP address

When running a site behind reverse proxy, by default, web server shows IP of the revese proxy server instead of real visitor IP. To fix this, you need to configure remoteip module.

On Cpanel server, edit file


Add your proxy server IP after.


VestaCP Update

To update VestaCP server, run


Redirect site to HTTPS excluding a folder

On a web site, customer need to redirect all pages to HTTPS, but want to keep files in one of the folder on HTTP.

For this, i used following in .htaccess file.

Here any url like yourdomain.extn/auth/ will not get redirected to HTTPS.

See Redirect

rpmdb DB_RUNRECOVERY: Fatal error, run database recovery

When running yum update on a CentOS server, i get following error.

To fix it, run