Install Minikube with docker driver on Ubuntu

minikube docker provider

Minikube is a Kubernetes implementation for development and testing. By default, it uses Virtualbox. The newer version support docker driver, this allows you to use docker to run your minikube Kubernetes cluster. You can find documentation for minikube at First of all, we need to install Docker, for this, run the command. You must […]

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Find what MPM model Apache is using

Apache is the most popular web server, it is Open Source and modular. Multi-Processing Modules (MPM) in Apache decides how Apache listens to the network and handles the incoming requests. Apache have many MPM Modules (Multi-Processing Modules), the most popular among them are Prefork, worker, and Event. You can only activate one Apache MPM at […]

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ISPConfig how to rename web directory


ISPConfig is a free hosting control panel. The DocumentRoot in ISPConfig is /var/www/clients/client0/web1/web. In the path client0 and web1 changes depending on number of customers and web site you have on the server. If you try to rename web foder, you get permission denied error, this is because ISPConfig set chattr +i (immune) to parent […]

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How to open a VHD or VHDx file in Linux

mount vhdx

VHD or VHDx (newer version) is a Virtual Hard Disk file format used by Microsoft’s Hyper-V. To Open a VHD disk on Ubuntu, you can use guestmount command. To install guestmount, run command

To see list of partiions available in a VHD/VHDx file, you can run


To mount a partition, run […]

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Backup Linux Server with rsnapshot

rsnapshot backup

rsnapshot is a backup software based on rsync. It can make incremental backup. rsnapshot make automatic incremental backup using rsync and cronjob. It use linux hardlinks to save disk space. When you make the first backup, all files are copied to the backup location, every subsequent backup ┬ámakes a copy of previous backup using linux […]

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How to rename a MySQL database table


To rename a MySQL database table, login to phpMyAdmin or MySQL command line, then select the database, run following SQL command

Example See MySQL […]

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Magento 2 Unable to proceed: the maintenance mode is enabled


When i visit a Magento 2 site, i get error

To fix this, login to the server using SSH, run following command.

This will disable Magento 2 maintenance mode. If you need maintenance mode enabled, you can run

See Magento […]

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Best WordPress themes in 2021

Here are list of popular Free WordPress themes. Kadence Kadence is a multipurpose WordPress theme that is available for free download and also offers a pro version that opens up more possibilities. Themes offers lots of modification options and customization possibilities to explore your creative and create something amazing. Best Features Header and footer builder […]

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Install PHP drivers for Microsoft SQL Server on Ubuntu PHP 7.2

On Ubuntu 18.04 server running PHP 7.2, i want to install Microsoft SQL Server module for PHP. You can find PHP module for SQL server at At the time of writing this PHP module only support PHP 7.4 and newer. SO i need to find older version that supported PHP 7.2. On checking release […]

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