How to Install Gnome and xRDP on RHEL 8 (CentOS 8/Alma Linux/Rocky Linux)

You can install Gnome Desktop + xdrp on a remote server (VPS/cloud or dedicated) and use it as a remote


Find files older than X minutes

To find files that are older than X minutes, use the command This will find all files inside /path/ that


ionos Magento Internal Server Error

After migrating a Magento site to ionos shared hosting, internal pages of the site stopped working with “Internal Server Error”.

Enable Detailed Error Messages in IIS

Enable Detailed Error Messages in IIS

To show detailed error message on IIS web server, edit web.config, add the following See IIS

Ubuntu 20.04 failover IP

Configure Failover IP in Ubuntu 20.04 OVH VPS

To configure IP on OVH VPS, you need to manually configure networking as OVH gateway is outside the failover IP


Bitnami WordPress Failed to update Plugin

On a Bitnami WordPress server, plugin installation/upgrade failed with permission error. The error is because the web server in bitmai

554 5.7.1 Unknown Sender in Local Domain

554 5.7.1 Unknown Sender in Local Domain

When sending an email from one server to another, the email gets bounced with an error The error is because

Install latest Redis on Ubuntu/Debian Server

To install the latest version of Redis on Ubuntu/Debian server, run See Redis

magento 2

Magento 2 Password reset

Magento 2 is popular open-source eCommerce software. If you lost admin password for your Magento 2 website, you can follow

Nginx Web Server

Nginx php-fpm No input file specified

When accessing PHP files from location block that have different document root specified using alias, i get error No input

Amazon Lightsail connect failed

Amazon Lightsail Log in failed – CLIENT_UNAUTHORIZED

When trying to login to Amazon Lightsail instance, I got the error Log in failed. If this instance has just

Nginx Web Server

How to hide Nginx version

On a default installation of the Nginx web server, the error pages show the version of Nginx software running on