Build a docker container with Apache

To create a docker container with Apache, create a Dockerfile

Paste following content into the Dockerfile

Now build an image with command

Once image is build, you can see it using docker images command

To start a container with the image, run

See docker build […]

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Restart Apache if failed

This bash script check web site every 5 minutes, restart the web server if web site is not responding. Create a file


In above code, replace https://YOUR_DOMAIN.EXTN/ with your sites actual url. Make it executable

Create a cronjob


See Server Monitoring […]

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CloudPanel – Free Hosting Control Panel Debian 10/Nginx

CloudPanel Hosting Control Panel

CloudPanel is a free hosting control panel, that make deploying web application on cloud easier. It use Nginx web server, support multile PHP versions, comes with nginx configuration for various popular CMS and web applications. Install CloudPanel CloudPanel need a server with Debian 10. To install CloudPanel, run

After install you can access […]

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Redirect a site to www using PHP

To redirect a site to url with www using PHP, you can use following PHP code

Add this code in your index.php file or another file included by index.php See Redirect […]

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Repair MySQL database with mysqlcheck


To check and repair all databases in a database run

Forcefully optimize all tables, automatically fixing table errors that may come up.

To check all databases

To analyze all tables in all databases:

To repair all tables in all databases:

To optimize all tables in all databases:

See MySQL […]

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Easy Kubernetes setup on Ubuntu with microk8s


To install microk8s, run

Enable rules in firewall

Enable addons

To see status of current addons, run

Here is status for a defaul install

To see all pods/services/deploymens, run

To avoid typing microk8s before kubectl, run

You can add this to .bashrc to make it permanent. To run […]

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Install Elasticsearch 7 on Ubuntu for Magento 2.3

To install Elasticsearch, add the key

add apt repository

install elasticsearch with apt

Set elasticsearch to start on boot

Elasticsearch can be started and stopped as follows:

verify elasticsearch is running with

or with

if it fail to start, you can debug with

See elasticsearch […]

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Restart IIS from command line

restart iis from command line

To restart IIS from command line, click on start, search for “cmd”, right click on “Command Prompt” select run as Administrator. On the command prompt, run

Start IIS To start IIS from command line, run

Stop IIS

See IIS […]

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Vue.js is a popular javascript framework. To install Vue, you need Node.js installed.

Install Vue.js with

Verify Vue.js working with

To create a project, run


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How to Enable WordPress Toolkit in Cpanel/WHM

WordPress Toolkit

To install WordPress Toolkit in Cpanel/WHM, first install it with command

After installation, you will be able to see WordPress Toolkit in CPanel. You can enable/disable WordPress toolkit under Feature Manager in WHM.

How to install WordPress using WordPress Toolkit This video will show how to install WordPress using WordPress Toolkit in Cpanel […]

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