bash: warning: setlocale: LC_ALL: cannot change locale

On an Ubuntu server, when i login, i get following error

To fix this, run

See Errors […]

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OpenLiteSpeed Change PHP version

I installed OpenLiteSpeed on a server. Default PHP version was 7.3. I wanted PHP 7.4 on this server. To install PHP 7.4, run

To change PHP version, i edited file


In that, find

Replace with

Now restart PHP and openlitespeed

See OpenLiteSpeed […]

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Install libwebp

You can download webp from To install webp, run

webp install following executable files


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Install gifsicle

You can download gifsicle from To install gifsicle, run

Gifsicle binary file will be installed at


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Install optipng

You can download optipng from To install optipng, run

Binary will be installed at


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Install jpegoptim

jpegoptim is an open source image optimizer for JPEG image format. You can download latest version of from To install jpegoptim, run


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Enable Logging on SFTP

To enable logging in SFTP, edit file


Replace wih

Restart sshd

See sftp […]

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Virtualizor Error No Gateway Found, Please assign a Gateway

On Virtualizor server, when start virtnetwork, i get following error

This is because the network inferace configuration don’t have GATEWAY defined. Find your network interface name with command

Now check configuration file for your network interface. On this server, i had following configuration

You need to find the gateway used by your […]

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Virtualizor error fetching interface information

When starting network in virtualizor server, i get following error

To fix this error, find the network interface name with command

In this case, the name is enp4s0, we need to add this name in Virtualizor Admin > Configuration > Master or Slave Settings > Network Settings > Network Interface If you have […]

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