How to redirect traffic to another IP using iptables

After migrating websites to a new server, you need to point domains to the new server by changing the name

How to upgrade Plesk on Windows Server?

To upgrade Plesk control panel to the latest version on Windows Server, do the following 1) Log in to Windows

Apache web server

How to Redirect HTTP to HTTPS using htaccess

To redirect a website from HTTP to HTTPS, you can use the following code in .htaccess file If you want

How to install Python 10 on CentOS 7

First, install the dependency Install OpenSSL as the openssl-devel package provided by CentOS is old version. Install OpenSSL from source

How to sort the result of du -h command

To sort the result of “du -h” command, you can use If you want to list files in current files

How to change the SSH Port in Linux

By default SSH service runs on port 22. Running SSH service on port 22 is not secure as it can

Apache web server

How to block Bad Bots (User Agents) using .htaccess

Some bots can cause a high load on servers as they index too many pages or get into some never-ending

VestaCP Free Hosting Control Panel

How to change IP address of VestaCP Server

Recently I upgraded a VestaCP server running on an Amazon Lightsail server. Upgrade resulted in a change of the internal

How to change Port of Squid Proxy Server

Squid proxy server runs on port 3128 by default. Changing squid proxy server port to a non-standard port is a

configure: error: “mysql headers missing.”

When compiling a software from source I get error On Debian 10, fixed it by installing package default-libmysqlclient-dev See Errors

Plesk Debian 8 General error: 23 Out of resources when opening

On a Debian 8 server with Plesk control panel, on the Plesk login page, I got the following error message

Magento 2 Your session has expired

After migrating Magento 2 site to a new server with a different URL, adding an item to the cart produced