Percona Monitoring and Management

Percona Monitoring and Management is an Open Source monitoring software for MySQL, PostgreSQL and MongoDB. It is based on grafana and node_exporter. You can see source code at Install instructions for Percona Monitoring and Management available at See MySQL […]

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Enable FTP for EasyEngine Website

To Enable FTP for EasyEngine web sites, we need to install pure-ftpd. On Ubuntu/Debian, run

Enable virtial FTP users

In EasyEngine, we sites files are owned by www-data user, this user have a UID of 33. By default pure-ftpd won’t allow this. To enable users with UD 33 to login, run

Now […]

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Uninstalling Software in Debian Server

To uninstall a software on Debian server, run

Example To all installed software with specific name, run


In above list, packages start with ii = installed un = currently not installed on the server When you uninstall a package, it won’t remove all config files, such packages list as uninsalled (un). […]

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EasyEngine Create Site

To create HTML web site

To create PHP web site

To create PHP/MySQL web site

To enable LetsEncrypt SSL, add –letsencrypt

Create WordPress site

Create WordPress site with PHP 7.3 and cache enabled

You can speccify WordPress user, password and email with –user, –pass, –email options. Create WordPress multi […]

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Disable SELinux on CentOS/RHEL

To disable SELinux Method 1

Method 2 edit file


Replace with

Reboot the server with

You can disable selinux for current session by running command

See SELinux […]

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Install AnyDesk on Ubuntu

To install AnyDesk on Ubuntu, run following commands as user root (sudo su).

Add repository

Update apt cache

Install anydesk with

If you don’t want auto start anydesk on boot, disable it with

If you need to enable AnyDesk start on boot, run

To see if anydesk is enabled […]

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Country Blocking with nginx GeoIP on Ubuntu/Debian

On Ubuntu/Debian, install nginx geoip module with

Now edit nginx.conf


Add below

You can add 2 letter country code and set ye/no as required. To implement GeoIP blocking for a web site, you need to edit server entry for the web site. In this cause, i will use the default […]

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