How to find Operating System of a remote computer using nmap?

Nmap is a network exploration and security auditing tool. It can be used to identify hosts and services on a

cPanel Server

How to prevent Symlink Attack on Cpanel Server

Symlink attack exploits the way Linux operating systems handle symbolic links (symlinks). A symlink is a pointer to another file

How to export Amazon Route 53 DNS Zone

To export DNS Records for a domain, you can use AWS CLI. First, you need to make an Access key

MySQL 8 Your password does not satisfy the current policy requirements

When transferring a website from one Cpanel server to another server running MySQL 8, I got the following error message



To install Terraform on Ubuntu, run For instructions on other Linux distributions, see

Magento 2 Your password has expired

After resetting password on a Magento 2 installation, when trying to login to backend, I get following error message. To

How to Upgrade Debian 10 to Debian 11

One of the advantages of the Debian operating system is easy to upgrade to the newer version. Login to your

How to redirect traffic to another IP using iptables

After migrating websites to a new server, you need to point domains to the new server by changing the name

How to upgrade Plesk on Windows Server?

To upgrade Plesk control panel to the latest version on Windows Server, do the following 1) Log in to Windows

Apache web server

How to Redirect HTTP to HTTPS using htaccess

To redirect a website from HTTP to HTTPS, you can use the following code in .htaccess file If you want

How to install Python 10 on CentOS 7

First, install the dependency Install OpenSSL as the openssl-devel package provided by CentOS is old version. Install OpenSSL from source

How to sort the result of du -h command

To sort the result of “du -h” command, you can use If you want to list files in current files