Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) allow you to manage customers. HubSpot Fre plan allow unlimited users, unlimited contacts, shared inbox and ticket system. Look like a good system to use as shared inbox/helpdesk. They have google chrome extension, that integrate with gmail/google workspace so all emails get tracked in CRM with read notifications. Agile CRM […]

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When starting RuneScape client on Ubuntu 20.04, i get folloiwng error

To fix this, run


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PostgreSQL connect to database using psql


To connect to PostgreSQL database server using psql command line, run

If you have a PostgreSQL user and password, you can use


-W option is to force asking password. See PostgreSQL […]

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Moodle 3.2 PostgreSQL 12 Error reading from database

Moodle 3.2 PostgreSQL error

Moodle 3.2 site started showing error “Error reading from database”. I checked config.php, the database credentials are correct, i was able to login to Amazon AWS RDS PostgreSQL database with the credentaials and able to see the database tables with command \dt.

I enabled debug in DB with following SQL commands

But for […]

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To benchmark server with GeekBench, you can run

You can create an account on and keep all your benchmaks in one place. Here is my Geekbanch benchmarks If you get error installing, you may need to install depency with

See Benchmark […]

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Nginx Hotlink Protection

To block hotlink protection or bandwidth stealing, you can add following to server configuration of your web site.

If you need to allow hotlink from a specific domain, you can edit the valid_referers line and add the url. If you only want to limit access to images and videos, you can put above code […]

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aaPanel – Free Hosting Control Panel

aaPanel is a free hosting control panel written in Python. To reload nginx, run

Nginx configuration file location

See Hosting Control Panel […]

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