r1soft get-module segmentation fault

When installing r1soft kernel module, I got the following error This was on a Debian server with 4.19.0-20-amd64 kernel. To

How to install PHP ssh2 module in Cpanel Server

PHP ssh2 module allows you to connect to SSH servers. On Cpanel servers, this module is not available under EasyApache.


How to convert images to webp format in Ubuntu

Webp is a new image format for the web. It can be used on websites for the fast and efficient

How to install MySQL 5.7 on CentOS 7 Server

To install MySQL 5.7 on CentOS 7 server, install the repository import MySQL GPG key with Install MySQL with the


Install CSF firewall on Ubuntu Server

First, install libwww-perl package needed for CSF firewall Install CSF with Change following settings in csf.conf file If you need

Nginx Configuration for Drupal 7

Here is Drupal 7 server configuration for Nginx with letsencrypt SSL. In the above config, replace with the location of

Configure VPS IP address in OneProvider Server

If you are running virtualization software like Proxmox, KVM, or VMWare ESXi on the OneProvider server, you need to order

Linux groups

To see lists all groups that a user is in, run Example To add a user to a group, run

Drupal 7 Enable/Disable Maintenance Mode

To disable maintenance mode in drupal 7.x run the command Example To Enable Maintenance mode, run


WordPress htaccess

WordPress uses .htaccess file for SEO friendly URL when using Apache or LiteSpeed webserver. If WordPress is installed on the

Apache web server

Change Apache Server MPM in RHEL 8

Apache on RHEL 8 uses events MPM. You can use apachectl -V command to see the current MPM used by

puttygen: error loading x.ppk: PuTTY key format too new

Putty saves ssh key in file with .ppk extension. To use the key on Linux systems, you need to convert