Proxmox pveperf

pveperf is a command line benchmarking tool in proxmox server.

Here is benchmark on another server – Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3930K CPU @ 3.20GHz, 2 * 120 GB SSD ATA OCZ-VERTEX3


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Proxmox useful command to manage Containers

pct is a command line tool to manage containers (LXC) in proxmox server. Here are some useful commands

pct documentation available at See proxmox […]

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proxmox config files

To find versions of proxmox packages

Storage Config

qemu config Config for KVM VMs stored in folder




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Install wireguard VPN on Ubuntu

To install wireguard VPN on ubuntu, run

Generate Keys

Configure wireguard You can generate wireguard configuration using […]

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Install Perl Modules Using CPAN

Comprehensive Perl Archive Network (CPAN) is a directory of Perl modules. To install a perl module, run

In the cpan command prompt, you can type


You can also use

List instaled CPAN modules


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Auto push after git commit

Git hook allow you to perform tasks when some changes happen on a git repository. To automatically push code when you make a commit, create hook file .git/hooks/post-commit


Thats all. Unlike normal bash scripts, git hooks don’t need 755 permission to run. Example

See git […]

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Load balancer

Load Balancer is used to distribute incoming traffic to multiple backend servers. Here are some of the popular software load balancers […]

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CentovaCast change MySQL password

CentovaCast is a control panel to manage online streaming services. It support shoucast, liqudsoap and icecast streaming servers. To change MySQL Password in CentovaCast, update following files.

You will see something like

Following files is auto generated, this file also contain MySQL login details

See CentovaCast […]

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