Configure KVM Bridge Network on Debian 10

Before you configure bridge network, make sure you have bridge-utils installed.

You may also need ifdown and resolvconf packages installed

Here is the default /etc/network/interfaces i had on the server

enp1s0f0 is name of the network interface card on the server. To convert it to brudge configuration. You need to replace enp1s0f0 […]

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bash: ps: command not found

On a docker image, when i run ps, i get error

To install ps on Debian/Ubuntu, run


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Bash Script to Monitor Disk Usage

This script will check disk usage on / partition and email you if disk usage is above 80% We can use df / command to find current disk usage

As you can see, the result have 2 lines. We don’t need first line. To ignore first line, we can use

From the result, […]

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Enable CORS in Nginx

To enable CORS in nginx, add following inside web sites sevrer config.

Restart nginx

See CORS […]

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Enable CORS in Apache

To enable CORS in apache, add following in VirtualHost or .htaccess

If your apache installation don’t have mod_headers installed, you need it enabled with


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