cPanel Server

How to Upgrade MySQL/MariaDB in WHM cPanel Server

cPanel server supports MySQL and MariaDB. In most cases MySQL and MariaDB are compatible, you will be fine with either


systemd-networkd configuration files are stored in /etc/systemd/network/ Example Here is a sample config To restart systemd-networkd See IP

Apache web server

How to disable a rule in ModSecurity Apache

To disable a rule in ModSecurity, edit Apache configuration, add It will disable rules with IDs 980130 and 949110. On

cPanel Server

How to install ClamAV on cPanel Server

ClamAV is a free open-source anti-virus software. On the Cpanel server, it can be used to scam emails and website


access denied: tty ‘tty1’ is not secure

On a CentOS 7 server, when login as user root on the console, login fails. If I log in as

How to disable server side caching in bluehost

Bluehost provides server-side caching to improve the performance of your website. When you need to debug some problem on your


How to install cwebp on CentOS 7

cwebp is a command line program used to convert images into webp format. To install cwebp on CentOS 7, run


How to reset CentOS 7 root password using console

If you have lost the root password of your CentOS 7 system and have access to the console directly or

How to change home directory of a linux user

You can modify a user’s home directory using usermod command in Linux. The syntax for the usermod command is Example


How to auto restart ElasticSearh service on failure

If ElasticSearh service crash on your server, you can auto restart it by modifying systemd service file. This will open


Auto start Next.js with supervisor

I want to start Next.js development server on my computer when it starts. Usually, this is done using pm2, I


How to change Next.js port

You can start Next.js development server with the command This will start the development server on port 3000. If port