How to install Imunify360 antivirus

Imunify360 is a security software that include antivirus, firewall, intruder detection and web application firewall (WAF). It can block attacks and malware uploads in real time. To start installation, run the following script with your activation key:

If you have an IP-based license, run the same script with no arguments:

See imunify […]

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Show IP address in history

On Linux Server, history command shows previously executed commands. If you have many people working on a server, it is better log IP address of the user who run the command along with time for security reason. To log, IP and date, create file

In the file, add

Make it executable

Create […]

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Check if Cpanel Server need reboot from command line

To check if Cpanel/WHM server need reboot from command line, run

Example On a server with latest kernal

On a server that need reboot

See Getting WHM Access from SSH on Cpanel Server […]

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Enable SSL for icecast steam using nginx

On ubuntu server running icecast, when i try enable SSL as per CentovaCast Enable SSL on icecast, i get following error

I don’t compile my own icecast installation as it use Ubunu version of icecast, that get updated using apt. Instead of getting icecast serve steam using SSL, i installed Nginx, and proxy traffic […]

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Enable memcached on Magento 2 in Plesk Server

memcached telnet

To install memcached, run

Enable memcached php module

This is for PHP 7.3, change the path to pecl for your version of PHP. Activate memcached

Update php handler

Restart php-fpm

Install memcached deamon

Restart memcached

Verify it is working with netstat

Activate memcached in Magento 2 Edit […]

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elasticsearch insufficient memory

When starting elasticsearch on CentOS 7 server, it failed with error. Checking the logs with

Found following errors

To fix it, edit file

At end of the file, add

Restart elasticsearch with

Verify elasticsearch is running with

See elasticsearch […]

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