Install Nginx Proxy Manager

Nginx Proxy Manager

Nginx Proxy Manager is Docker based GUI for managing Nginx reverse proxy. It support LetsEncrypt free SSL. To install, create a folder

Create config.json file


Creaye docker-compose.yaml file

add following content

If you don’t have docker and docker-compose installed, install it with

To start Nginx Proxy Manager, […]

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Install bitninja firewall

To install bitninja on Debian/Ubuntu, run

To scan malware, run


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Prevent Notification steal focus on Ubuntu 18.04

On Ubuntu, some times notifications steal focus from current application. This annoying when you are working on terminal. This is due to start focus feature of gnome when your mouse is over the notification area.

We need to change the value of focus-new-windows from smart to strict. This can be done with command


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yum commands

Install a software with yum

Uninstall a software

Example for installing php and GD

When you need to update all install software, run

List all available software

List all installed software

See yum […]

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Install Odoo using Docker

Odoo is an open source ERP and CRM software written in python. To install Odoo using docker, first install docker using

Odoo use PostgreSQL server to store database. Lets create a postgres docker container.

In above command, replace your-password-here with a secure password. Create a Odoo container with

If container did not […]

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Download a package using apt on Debian/Ubuntu

download package using apt

On Debian and Ubuntu servers, you can download a package using apt download command.

Package will get downloaded to current working directory. Better do this to /tmp to avoid permission errors. Method 2 If you want to download package and dependencies, then use

This will download the package and all dependency, store it […]

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