One of the configured repositories failed (MariaDB100)

On a Cpanel server, when running “yum update”, I got the error message “One of the configured repositories failed (MariaDB100)”.

cPanel Server

WHM HTTP error 401 You do not have permission

When I access WHM of a server, I got the following error message This is because WHM access is disabled

Out Of Memory (OOM) Error

OOM (Out Of Memory) error happens when a server run out of Memory. When a server runs out of memory,

Odoo ERP

odoo Unable to find Wkhtmltopdf on this system

On an odoo installation, I got the error “Unable to find Wkhtmltopdf on this system”, when generating reports. This error


apt error doesn’t support architecture ‘i386’

On an Ubuntu server, when running “apt update” command, I got the following error message This error is because the

SSL Certficate

How to find SSL Certificate fingerprint

To view the SSL certificate fingerprint, open the website in the google chrome browser. On the browser address bar, you

Change MySQL root password in Webuzo

Webuzo stores MySQL root password in file If you changed MySQL/MariaDB root password outside of Webuzo, you need to update


Change MariaDB user password

To change the MariaDB root password, log in to MySQL as the user root Enter your current password when prompted.


Find WordPress Version from command line

To find the version of WordPress, you can check the file Inside the file look for variable $wp_version You can

Failed to mount /sysroot XFS Boot failure

On an Amazon EC2 server, the server won’t boot. On checking the serial console, the server was stuck with an

Nginx configuration for Angular

Angular is a single-page application (SPA) framework. To serve Angular application using Nginx web server, use following configuration. You can

Apache web server

Apache 414 Request-URI Too Long

On an Apache server, when accessing a long URL, got 414 Request-URI Too Long The error is because the URL