Virtualizor error fetching interface information

When starting network in virtualizor server, i get following error

To fix this error, find the network interface name with command

In this case, the name is enp4s0, we need to add this name in Virtualizor Admin > Configuration > Master or Slave Settings > Network Settings > Network Interface If you have […]

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How to Install MySQL 5.7 on Amazon Linux


Amazon Linux 2 come with MariaDB by default. To install MySQL 5.7, install repository with

Install MySQL 5.7 with

Set MySQL to start on boot

Start MySQL server

By default MySQL 5.7 installation generate a temporary password. To find the password, run

To set password and secure the installation, run […]

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Yum Error Operation too slow

When i did yum update on a CloudLinux server, i get following error

This is because server is unable to connect to one of the yum mirrors. To fix this, we need to disable the mirror that cause this timeout. Edit file


Replace with


Add below

run […]

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Install Ant Media Server on CentOS 8

To install Ant Media Server on CentOS 8, first install wget

Download installer script

Next you need to download binary zip file of Ant Media Server. For this install i used trail version

For community version, you can download from

Download it to same directory as “”. Now run

Replace […]

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EasyEngine Could not create user

When creating a wordpress web site on EasyEngine, i get following error

This is because EasyEngine try to create a WordPress admin user, that failed to create due to length. To fix the error, you can specify a shorter wordpress admin user name with option –admin-user=admin

See EasyEngine […]

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Reinstall Kernel in Ubuntu/Debian

reinstall ubuntu kernel

To reinstall Kernel in Ubunru, you need to find the version of kernal installed, for this run

Or you can use command, find the kernel version you need to install

Once you have the name of linux-image package you need to install, you can run

Example See apt, Ubuntu, Debian […]

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How to block .git directory in nginx

When using git version control to deploy application, many forget to secure .git folder. This allows anyone to clone your git repository. If you have any credentials commited to your git version control, then hacker will be able to gain access. To avoid this, it is better plan the git repo in a way you […]

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Install LetsEncrypt in CentOS 7

certbot deprecated support for CentOS 7, so new version of certbot-auto script won’t work on CentOS 7. To install certbot (letsencrypt command line tool), run

To run it, use command

See LetsEncrypt […]

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