Redirect HTTP to HTTPS with IIS 10

To redirect a domain to HTTPS, Click on the website in IIS, you will see If you don’t see the

Linux Container

Where LXC Container files are stored?

LXC containers are stored in folder /var/lib/lxc Each container have a folder, which contains LXC container OS templates are stored

Linux Container

LXC container networking not working

On a Debian server, I installed lxc, but when I create a container, it is missing IP address. When I


View systemctl service file

To view the content of a systemd service file, run the command Example [email protected]:~$ systemctl cat nginx # /lib/systemd/system/nginx.service #

Redis error currently not able to persist on disk

When doing a FLUSHALl on redis server, i get following error message [[email protected] ~]# redis-cli FLUSHALL (error) MISCONF Redis is

How to flush Redis cache

To delete everything from redis cache, run the command This will delete all keys from the current DB. To delete

How to find Redis data directory

To find the data directory in redis, run the command Redis data directory is specified in the configuration file The


How to Install Gnome and xRDP on RHEL 8 (CentOS 8/Alma Linux/Rocky Linux)

You can install Gnome Desktop + xdrp on a remote server (VPS/cloud or dedicated) and use it as a remote


Find files older than X minutes

To find files that are older than X minutes, use the command This will find all files inside /path/ that


ionos Magento Internal Server Error

After migrating a Magento site to ionos shared hosting, internal pages of the site stopped working with “Internal Server Error”.

Enable Detailed Error Messages in IIS

Enable Detailed Error Messages in IIS

To show detailed error message on IIS web server, edit web.config, add the following See IIS

Ubuntu 20.04 failover IP

Configure Failover IP in Ubuntu 20.04 OVH VPS

To configure IP on OVH VPS, you need to manually configure networking as OVH gateway is outside the failover IP