rsyslog Unsafe symlinks encountered in /var/log, refusing

When updating packages on an Ubuntu server, I got the error “Unsafe symlinks encountered in /var/log, refusing.”. This is due

How to Split large CSV file into smaller files

To split a large CSV file into smaller parts, you can use the split command The above command will split

CentOS Error checking for OpenSSL library … not found

When installing Nginx from source on a CentOS 7 server, I got the following error To fix the error, install

Nginx ModSecurity Not able to open file

On an Nginx server after updating Nginx and ModSecurity, I got the following error To fix the error, edit file

Linux Disk Quota

To check disk quota for a Linux user, run Sample

DDoS Protection Service

DDoS Protection https://sucuri.net/website-firewall/ http://cloudflare.com https://ddos-guard.net – used by rt.com DDoS Protected Hosting https://www.hyperfilter.com – DDoS protected hosting https://koddos.net Back to

How to find Operating System of a remote computer using nmap?

Nmap is a network exploration and security auditing tool. It can be used to identify hosts and services on a

cPanel Server

How to prevent Symlink Attack on Cpanel Server

Symlink attack exploits the way Linux operating systems handle symbolic links (symlinks). A symlink is a pointer to another file

How to export Amazon Route 53 DNS Zone

To export DNS Records for a domain, you can use AWS CLI. First, you need to make an Access key

MySQL 8 Your password does not satisfy the current policy requirements

When transferring a website from one Cpanel server to another server running MySQL 8, I got the following error message



To install Terraform on Ubuntu, run For instructions on other Linux distributions, see https://www.terraform.io/downloads

Magento 2 Your password has expired

After resetting password on a Magento 2 installation, when trying to login to backend, I get following error message. To