Set Static IP in RHEL 8 OVH VPS


On OVH VPS running AlmaLinux 8, IPv4 IP address gets dropped. I have to connect to the server using KVM feature available in OVH control panel. I checked IP of the server with the command

It did hot show any IPv4 IP address. I checked the network configuration file

That had the following […]

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How to Convert CentOS 8 to Rocky Linux

You can convert your remote VPS or Dedicated Server running CentOS 8 to Rocky Linux easily by running the following commands.

Now verify your system can be converted with command

If all is good, you can convert CentOS 8 to Rocky Linux with the command


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How to clear Laravel cache

To clear laravel cache, run command

You can also delete compiled files from


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Install Cpanel Control Panel

To install the Cpanel/WHM control panel, run the following command as user root.


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Extracting SSL certificate from the Java Keystore (JKS)

To extract SSL certificate and private key from Keystore (JKS) file, run

It will ask for the new Keystore password and current Keystore password. Once you enter the password, JKS file gets converted to P12 format. This will include all certificates in the keystone. If you only need a specific certificate, then use


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List contents of jks keystore file

keytool list certificates

To list the content of jks keystore file used by tomcat web server, run command

It will ask Keystore password. Once you enter the password, it will list the contents of the file. In the above keystore, there are 5 certificates with names inter, root1, root2, ssl_tomcat2, and tomcat. To get detailed information on […]

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The keytool command is a key and certificate management utility. It enables users to administer their own public/private key pairs and associated certificates for use in self-authentication (where a user authenticates themselves to other users and services) or data integrity and authentication services, by using digital signatures. The keytool command also enables users to cache […]

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How to change pure-ftpd port


pure-ftpd by default listens on port 21. We will change the FTP port from 21 to some other port. This instruction work for RHEL, CentOS, AlmaLinux, Oracle Linux, and RockeyLinux. To change FTP port to some other port, edit file


Add below


This will change FTP port to 2121. […]

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