Mounting partition stored inside Logical Volume

On a KVM Virtual machine using LVM storage, the LVM disk is partitioned as follows. I want to mount partition


FreeBSD /usr/ports: No such file or directory.

On a FreeBSD server, when I change the directory to “/usr/ports”, got following error To fix this, run Back to

How to Delete a Virtual Machine in Proxmox

How to Delete a Virtual Machine in Proxmox

Here is what you need to do to delete a VM in proxmox. 1) log in to Proxmox. 2) Find

Apache web server

How to configure Security Headers in Apache

Enable HSTS Enable X-Frame-Options Enable X-XSS-Protection Enable X-Content-Type-Options Enable Referrer-Policy Enable Content Security Policy (CSP) Enable Permissions-Policy Back to Apache


gridsome error:03000086:digital envelope routines::initialization error

When starting a gridsome project on Ubuntu 20.04 with Node.js version v18.10.0, it failed with the error message “error:03000086:digital envelope

How to enable root ssh in Amazon Lightsail instance

Amazon lightsail instances do not allow ssh root access by default. You have to log in as user “ubuntu” or

Configure multiple SSL certificates in nuster

Configure multiple SSL certificates in nuster

Nuster is a high performance HTTP proxy cache server. It is based on haproxy. To configure multiple SSL certificates in

How to Remove a logical volume

To remove a logical volume, you can use the command Example This will remove logical volume with the name “win10”

How to delete KVM Virtual machine using virsh

Deleting a KVM virtual machine using “virsh” is a multi-step process. You need to stop the virtual machine, find the

How to force shutdown a KVM VM with virsh

I have a KVM virtual machine running Windows, and when I try to shutdown, it never stopped. To force shutdown

How to send plain text response from Nginx

You can use a return statement in Nginx to send a plain text response. In your Nginx server entry, add

How to Upgrade PHP on Bitnami WordPress in AWS Lightsail

I have an old Bitnami WordPress server on the Amazon Lightsail server. Bitnami does not support upgrading the PHP version.