Nano Editor

Nano is a simple and user-friendly command line text editor for Unix-like operating systems. It’s designed to be easy to use for both beginners and experienced users alike. Nano is known for its simplicity and minimalistic interface, making it popular among those who prefer straightforward text editing without the complexity of more advanced editors like Vim or Emacs.

To install nano on Ubuntu/Debian, run

To install nano on RHEL/AlmaLinux, run

Some useful shortcuts

Ctrl + GDisplay the help menu, which provides a list of available commands.
Ctrl + XClose the current file. If changes have been made, Nano will prompt you to save before exiting.
Ctrl + OSave the current file. Nano will prompt you to enter a filename if the file hasn’t been saved before.
Ctrl + WSearch for a string in the text. Nano will prompt you to enter the search term.
Ctrl + KCut the current line (delete the line and store it in the clipboard).
Ctrl + UUncut (paste) the most recently cut text.
Ctrl + JJustify the current paragraph. This reformats the text to fit within the margins.
Ctrl + \Replace text. Nano will prompt you to enter the text to find and the text to replace it with.
Ctrl + AMove the cursor to the beginning of the current line.
Ctrl + EMove the cursor to the end of the current line.
Ctrl + YScroll up one page.
Ctrl + VScroll down one page.
Ctrl + CDisplay the current cursor position (line and column numbers).
Alt + AMark text for selection. Use the arrow keys to extend the selection.
Alt + 6Copy the selected text to the clipboard.
Alt + ^Move to the beginning of the selected text.
Alt + $Move to the end of the selected text.
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