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Detach a disk from Google Compute Instance Install Google Cloud SDK Google Cloud apt signatures couldn’t be verified Google Cloud SSH using gcloud command line Google Cloud open a port in firewall Create Kubernetes cluser using gcloud Cloud SQL Connect to Google Cloud SQL gcloud components

List current gcloud config

Set a region […]

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Detach a disk from Google Compute Instance

To remove a disk from Google Compute instance, run

Example Here “indiameds” is name of the disk i want to detach from google compute instance with name “debug-instance”. Google Cloud only allow detaching secondary disks. Boot disks can’t be detached, only way to detach a boot disk and attach on a new instance is […]

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To clear cache, run

Get stats

See Varnish logs

mod_rpaf help with showing users real IP when site is behind a proxy or varnish. […]

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Amazon RDS ERROR 1040 (08004): Too many connections

On an Amazon RDS Aurora data base, when i connect, i get error

This error is due to max_connections setting in MySQL exceeded. By default Amazon RDS set max_connections based on size of RDS instance using following formula.

To see current value, run

To change default value, you need to create a […]

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blkid No space left on device smartctl sfdisk Setup ZFS file system in Ubuntu Resize Amazon EC2 Boot Disk Partitioning hard disk for backup Resize a linux file system with resize2fs blkid – show UUID for disks. Linux Software Raid Manage Linux Software Raid with mdadm unknown filesystem type linux_raid_member […]

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No space left on device

On a server, when creating new files, i get error – “No space left on device”.

Check disk space with df -h, it shows 129 GB disk space is free

This can be due to inodes getting full, check inodes usage with “df -i”.

As you can use Inodes are all used […]

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Disable IPv6

To disable IPv6, edit

Add following


Related Posts apt force IPv4 […]

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