Cut a Video using ffmpeg

To cut a video using ffmpeg, use

To cut a video and encoding it

DURATION_IN_SECONDS specify duration of new clip. If you specify 60, it will cut 60 seconds of video start from time specified in -ss. In this cause, from 00:17:00 to 00:18:00.

For more info, see “Cutting small sections” part of ffmpeg documentation.

In this example

Means cut video from 00:34:00 to 00:36:00

If you want to cut a video from time 01:00:00 to 01:20:00, use

10-Apr-2013 This command works great, i tested on many videos.

Cut video with avconv

Cut video with mencoder

-ss = start time in hh:mm:ss format

-endpos = Duration in hh:mm:ss format


Following with create a video “out.avi” from MSFT.avi from 00:24:00 to 00:25:00

21 April 2011 verified and working

See ffmpeg

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