How to Enable Magento 2 Cronjob

Magento uses cron jobs for numerous features to schedule activities. To enable the cron job in Magento 2, log in to the server using SSH. Switch to the appropriate user if you are logged in as root. Now run command

If you need to remove the cronjob, run

See Magento […]

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Set vim as default cronjob editor

Method 1


Replace with

Method 2 edit .bash_profile


Once added, .bash_profile will look like

Method 3 If you need it done one time only, run following commands on command prompt.


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crontab Start a program after reboot using cronjob Running wp-cron with cronjob Cronjob for Magento 1.9 set vi as default cronjob editor To save result of a cronjob to a file, use

To list all cronjob, run

To edit all cronjobs, run

Disable cronjob output To disable cronjob output, add following to […]

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