Delete SSL Certificate in IIS

To delete SSL certficate in IIS,

1) Start Internet Information Service (IIS) Manager
2) Click on Server Name (server hostname)
3) On right side, click on Server Certificates button.

On next screen, you will get a list of all SSL certfificates. You can right click on any of the certficate and delete it.

For older version of IIS

1) Open MMC (Start > Run > MMC). Open the Certificates Snap-in.
2) Select Local Computer Account
3) Select Certificates > Personal
4) Find the certficate and delete.

See Internet Information Server (IIS)

IIS redirect site to HTTPS

To force a site to always use HTTPS, add following content to web.config file.

Here is full web.config file for a web site that use WordPress and Force SSL

Windows 2016 IIS not listen on external IP

On a Windows 2016 server, IIS web site is set to bind on all IP address on the server.

But site is only available on (localhost). To check if this is due to firewall, i disabled firewall, the problem still exists after disabling firewall.

To fix the problem, run following commands as user “Administrator”

Now restart IIS