Block an IP using iptables

To block an IP using iptables, use

Replace IPADDR with IP address you need to block. To block an IP range

Example, bock IP range

See iptables […]

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Open MySQL Port 3306 in CentOS 7

To allow MySQL to connect from remote server on CentOS 7 server, you need to enable port 3306 in firewall. To do this, edit file


Add above

Restart server. […]

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Unban an IP from CSF Firewall

To unban an IP from CSF firewall, run

Here i have an IP blocked in firewall.

To see if CSF is blocking the IP, run

Example This command also give reason for why the IP is blocked. Lets unban the IP address with command

Now IP should not be listed in […]

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Block an IP using iptables Open MySQL Port 3306 in CentOS 7 Saving iptables firewall rules Port forward using iptables iptables -F lock me out To list current rules, run

To list rules in numeric format, run


To view nat rules

To see rules with counter, use

Open port […]

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iptables -F lock me out

After i type

server goes down. Can’t connect to web or ssh, seems all connection is locked by iptables. SOLUTION This is because the chain policy for the firewall input chain was set to DROP check with “iptables –list” you will see “Chain INPUT (policy DROP)”.

If this is the case, before you […]

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