Delete SSL Certificate in IIS

To delete SSL certficate in IIS,

1) Start Internet Information Service (IIS) Manager
2) Click on Server Name (server hostname)
3) On right side, click on Server Certificates button.

On next screen, you will get a list of all SSL certfificates. You can right click on any of the certficate and delete it.

For older version of IIS

1) Open MMC (Start > Run > MMC). Open the Certificates Snap-in.
2) Select Local Computer Account
3) Select Certificates > Personal
4) Find the certficate and delete.

See Internet Information Server (IIS)

Auto Start Nginx on Windows

To auto start Nginx on Windows, download

Extract the file, you will find “nssm.exe” file for 32 and 64 bit windows. Copy the file for your Windows version to a folder like


Start a command promt as user Administrator, then to go the folder where nssm.exe is, then run

In the GUI select the nginx.exe path, click install service.

Now in Service Manager, you will see new service Nginx, that is set to autostart by default.

You can right click service name and select start.

See Windows Nginx