How to Reset Windows Password in Linux Rescue

If you lost your windows user password, you can boot into Linux Live CD or Rescue CD and reset your Windows password as follows. Most VPS and dedicated server providers have the option to boot your server into rescue mode.

Install required packages

Find the windows partition and mount it

If you get error while mounting, see NTFS The disk contains an unclean file system.

Go to the directory where Windows Password is stored

To list available users, run

To reset the password for a user, run

Select option 1

This will set the windows password for the user to blank.

Next select option 2.

It will change to

Select option q to quit.

It will ask you to save changes, press “y” to save.

Now you need to log in to the server using the console, it won’t ask for any password. Once logged in, you can set a password for the user. You can’t log in using RDP with a blank password.

After the password reset, “chntpw -l SAM” will look like the following

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