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apt The method driver /usr/lib/apt/methods/https could not be found

When running apt update on a Debian server, i get error

To fix the error, run

See apt […]

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List Kernel Full details

List Architecture

Show Kernel Version

See Linux Commands […]

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Install Nginx from source

Nginx Web Server

Install Requirements CentOS/RHEL/Fedora


Create nginx user

Downoad and insta Nginx You can download latest version of Nginx source code from To install version 1.19.2, run

Test Nginx To start nginx run

Configuration file is at

See Nginx […]

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wget force IPv4/6 download

If your server support both IPv4 and IPv6 and you need to force download a file using IPv4, you can use

To force IPv6 connection, use


from wget help, here are the options See wget […]

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G Suite TLS Negotiation failed, the certificate doesn’t match the host

G Suite Edit mail route

When sending email from G Suite email account, email bounce with following error message

This is because the G Suite Gmail account have Route configured and the SMTP server configured have no valid SSL. Solution You can install a valid SSL on your mail server or disable the TLS checking. To disable TLS checking, […]

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