getting huawei e8231 work on ubuntu 14.04

After connecting, i get following in lsusb

It says “Mass storage mode”. If you check demesg, you will see

Last line says, device mounted as “/dev/sr1”

Changing Device Mode to Modem I found some information about the device in file

It says device can operate as products “14db” and “14dc”. […]

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Can’t locate File/ in @INC

Xpanel FTP not deleting .exe file uploads.

To fix, install File::Type cpan module.

See Errors […]

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Apache Permission Denied

On a newly installed Apache server, when I visit the website, I get permission denied error. On Apache error log (/var/log/httpd/error_log), i found

I tried changing the folder permission to 755, but it did not fix it. The problem was caused by SELinux. Solution I disabled SELinux.

To make it permanent, edit file […]

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modinfo radeon

radeon is the open source driver.


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lighttpd mod alias

mod_alias lighttpd module allow you to map urls to file system. For example, you need /mrtg show /var/www/mrtg You need to first enable mod_alias in lighttpd.conf


and remove the comment # on “mod_alias” line. It should look like

To add alias, add following in lighttpd.conf

If you need to add […]

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Can’t locate Parallel/ in @INC

On running a perl program, i get error

Lets search with yum and see which package provide ForkManager.

To fix install perl-Parallel-ForkManager.noarch

See errors […]

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