Apache Show Real IP Address when using CloudFlare

When using Apache web server behind cloudflare, apache logs show cloudflare IP address instead of real visitor IP address. To show actual visitor IP address, you need to install mod_cloudflare apache module. Before you can install the module, you need to install following requirments. On Debian/Ubuntu server,

Now install mod_cloudflare with

Restart apache […]

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Nginx CloudFlare restore real ip

When using Nginx Behind Cloudflare, logs and web applications show cloudflare sever IP instead of visitor IP. To fix this, edit

Inside “http” section, add

You can get updated list of CloudFlare IPs from https://www.cloudflare.com/ips/ Restart Nginx with

Example Nginx Config https://gist.github.com/serverok/fef5c76bf96f8e016bf64095da4a64dc […]

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CloudFlare Page Rules for WordPress

Here are CloudFlare page rules for WordPress web site. yourdomain/xmlrpc.php*





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