Disable cPHulk Brute Force Protection

disable cPHulk

Cpanel Servers have a bruceforce attack detection module called cPHulk Brute Force Protection. In case your server have another bruteforce detection software like ConfigServer Security & Firewall, you may need to disable cPHulk Brute Force Protection as you don’t need 2 software for same purpose running on the server. To disable cPHulk Brute Force Protection, […]

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csf error path to iptables is either not set or incorrect

Whem install csf firewall on Ubuntu 20.04, i get following error

This is because path for iptables is changed in Ubuntu 20.04. To fix the error edit csf.conf


Replace with

Now restart csf with csf -r, it will work.

See csf […]

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Install CSF Firewall

For non cpanel server, install perl modules

On Ubuntu

Once we have requirments installed, install csf with

See csf […]

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Enable UI in CSF Firewall on CentOS

CSF Firewall UI

CSF Firewall come with standalone UI. This is disabled by default. On CentOS, install following requirments

Edit CSF configuration file


Replace with

Change following settins as needed.

By Default, only whitelisted IP can access the UI, to white list your IP, run

If you want to allow CSF […]

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Unban an IP from CSF Firewall

To unban an IP from CSF firewall, run

Here i have an IP blocked in firewall.

To see if CSF is blocking the IP, run

Example This command also give reason for why the IP is blocked. Lets unban the IP address with command

Now IP should not be listed in […]

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Install CSF Firewall Allow Passive FTP in Cpanel Server with CSF Unban an IP from CSF Firewall Enable UI in CSF Firewall on CentOS Disable IP Block Alerts in CSF Firewall Block Country in CSF firewall csf error path to iptables is either not set or incorrect Csf Requirments On CentOS/RHEL

On Debian/Ubuntu


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