Getting started with Django Framework

Django is a python framework for developing web applications. To install Django, run

To create a project, run

Django come with built in development server. To start Django development server, change to the project folder and run

django framework

It will start a development web server on url

Creating App

A django project consists of multiple apps. Apps do a specific task, can be considered as a module. To create an app, run

To activate the app, you need to edit file


this list all installed apps, you need to add name of your app to end of the list.

Django running developement server on all IP

Django framework run server command start development web server on port 8000

To run server on port 80, use

if you are running as non root user, you won’t be able to use port 80. The solution is to run as user root or install a reverse proxy like Nginx.

Getting started with Django Framework

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