lxc error Unable to fetch GPG key from keyserver

Linux Container

When i create an lxc container on the Ubuntu server, I get an error

To fix this, you can run

To make it permanent, add it to .bashrc

At the end of the file, add

Method 2 You can specify DOWNLOAD_KEYSERVER environment variable for the command with

Method 3 Use […]

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Copy a file from host into LXD container

To copy file from host machine to LXD container run


To copy a file from the host machine to an lxd container, run

To copy a file from LXD container to the local machine, run

If you need to copy a folder and files inside, you can use option –recursive […]

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LXD container snapshot and restore

lxc allow you to take snapshot, restore snapshot of a container. Here we create a snapshot, then delete the /etc folder from the container. Now the container is useless. Restore the container from snapshot to get it work again.


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Create lxc container with lxc-create

lxc-create is used to create lxc container. To create a container, run

This will list all available containers. You can select the OS you want to use. To specify OS, you can use the following examples

To list all containers, run

To start a container, run

To connect to a container, […]

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