Ant Media Server

Ant Media Server is a media streaming server with WebRTC support. Install Ant Media Server on CentOS 8 Ant Media Server Ubuntu firewall configuration Steaming to Anti Media Server using ffmpeg Open Source versiong of Ant Media Server can be downloaded from Install Anti Media Server on Ubuntu 18.04 At the time of […]

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Ubuntu Screen Recorder

Ubuntu come with screen recorder, this can be activated with shortcut

By default, it will record for 30 seconds. Video get saved in your home directory (/home/USERNAME) in webm format. If you want to increase time, you can run following command

It is better to set this to 0, this way record never […]

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VLC using custom HTTP User-Agent

To change User-Agent in VLC player, go to

Click on “Show more options” check box. In “Edit Options” text box, you can specify your User-Agent like


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Open Source Video Editors

OpenShot is an open source video editor for Windows, Linux and Mac Install HandBrake on Ubuntu 18.04 Ant Media Server Online Video Makers/Tools – Make intro videos – Record videos. Watch Movies Online – Powered by vshare youtube clone script. – block chain based, pay you for uploading, […]

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