Install Amazon AWS awscli Amazon Workmail AWS Cloud​Formation Getting Started with Amazon Elastic Beanstalk Deploy Docker Image using Elastic Beanstalk Amazon Route 53 DKIM error AWS Elastic Beanstalk Ubuntu pure-ftpd reply with unroutable address Amazon Elastic Container Registry Amazon EC2 Migrate AWS EC2 instance to another AWS account Prevent an EC2 Instance getting Terminated by […]

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WordPress bitnami

Install LetsEncrypt SSL on Bitnami To stop/start service use

To stop MySQL, run

To disable Banner on WordPress site, run

Disable MySQL in Bitnami instance after moving Database to RDS

Apache Config VirtualHost entry for wordpress is available on file


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Amazon EFS

Amazon EFS can be used to mount same drive on multiple EC2 instances allowing you to make web site scale on multiple web servers. To mount EFS drive on Ubuntu, you need to install

To mount a EFS drive, run

Here is fstab entry for to auto mount efs on boot. Here it […]

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Rancher is an open source container management platform. To install rancher, you need to install docker. Once you have docker installed and running, run

Now you will be able to access your Rancher installation at https://your-server-ip On your first visit, you will be asked to set password for user “admin”. Newer version of […]

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Installing kubernetes master on Ubuntu 16.04

To install master on Ubuntu 16.04, lets start by installing docker.

Now install kubeadm

You can create kubernetes master by running kubeadmin init command.


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