How to install ImunifyAV+

ImunifyAV+ is an anti-malware software for Cpanel/Plesk servers. This is paid version of ImunifyAV. To install ImunifyAV+, run If you have a key-based license

If you have an IP-based license for ImunifyAV+, use IPL as the license key

See ImunifyAV […]

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Connect to backend failed: connect to lsphp failed: 110


On a CloudLinux Server, websites stopped working with the error message “Service Unavailable”. On checking error_log in /usr/local/apache/logs, found following error message

The problem was due to the server got booted using the default CentOS kernel instead of CloudLinux Kernel.

If you were using Cloudlinux kernel, “uname -a” command will show kernel with […]

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Cpanel CloudLinux set all users to use alt-php

If your cpanel server have cloudlinux + PHP Selector installed, you need to set all site to use inherit PHP before you can use PHP Selector. This can be done in MultiPHP Manager or using command line

Tis command will set all web sites to use inherit PHP. To set all site to use […]

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CageFS command not working for user

I have flvtool2 installed on the server. Path to binary file location was added in file /etc/cagefs/conf.d/vshare.cfg

The binary program works properly when running as root, but it fail when switching to a user that use CageFS.

The problem is fixed by editing file /etc/cagefs/

Add following lines

Now remount cagefs […]

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