Imunify Anti Virus

Imunify is an anti-malware software for webservers. It has 3 versions. ImunifyAV, ImunifyAV+, and Imunify360. ImunifyAV only supports manual scanning. ImunifyAV+ supports Scheduled scanning and One-click malware cleanup. Imunify360 has more protection, it supports scheduled scanning, a built-in firewall, and web application firewall (WAF), that protect against application-level attacks, WordPress brute force attacks, kernel update without reboot using KernelCare and many more.

Feature ImunifyAV ImunifyAV+ Imunify360
Scheduled scanning No Yes Yes
Malware cleanup No Yes Yes
Proactive Defense No No Yes
Stop bad bots and SPAM comments No No Yes
Web Application Firewall No No Yes

Install ImunifyAV

Uninstall ImunifyAV


Imunify360 is paid version of Imunify. It provides additional protection like Web Application Firewall, Real-time protection, and automated malware cleaning.

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