Uninstall ImunifyAV on Plesk Server

ImunifyAV is a free antivirus for Linux Server. On a Plesk server, i installed paid version of ImunifyAV. Now plesk shows both paid and free versions.

[root@vmi429764 ~]# plesk bin extension --list
advisor - Advisor
composer - PHP Composer
configurations-troubleshooter - Webserver Configurations Troubleshooter
domain-connect - Domain Connect
git - Git
grafana - Grafana
heavy-metal-skin - Skins and Color Schemes
imunify360 - Imunify360
letsencrypt - Let's Encrypt
litespeed - LiteSpeed Extension
monitoring - Advanced Monitoring
plesk-cagefs - CageFS
plesk-lvemanager - LVE Manager
repair-kit - Repair Kit
revisium-antivirus - ImunifyAV
social-login - Social Login
sslit - SSL It!
wp-toolkit - WordPress Toolkit
xovi - SEO Toolkit
[root@vmi429764 ~]# 

To remove free version of ImunifyAV, run

plesk bin extension --uninstall  revisium-antivirus

Uninsall Plesk Extension

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