Plesk Port

Plesk Paths

Plesk Nginx fail to start on boot
Plesk MySQL Daily Backup Script
Repair Plesk Server


Find Plesk Version
Find Plesk License key
Plesk move vhosts folder
Plesk Change Backup Location
How to enable gzip on Plesk Nginx
Uninstall ImunifyAV on Plesk Server


Install Plesk On Linux Server
Plesk Install PHP
Install ioncube on CentOS Plesk Server
Install Redis on Plesk Debian Server
Install Elasticsearch on Debian for Magento
Install MagicSpam on Plesk
Install PHP 5.6 on Debian 9 Plesk Server

Plesk Server Configuration

How to change hostname and enable SSL in Plesk Server

Plesk CLI

Change PHP version for a site in Plesk Command line
Remove a Plesk Extension from command line
List all installed extensions in Plesk

MySQL upgrade

Plesk MySQL upgrade 5.1 to 5.5
Upgrade MariaDB 5.5 to 10.1 on CentOS 7 Plesk Server

Plesk Errors

CentOS 7 Plesk server DNS not starting
Plesk mail not working 10024: Connection refused
Plesk Mail not working amavis error

See Hosting Control Panel

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