Plesk Mail not working amavis error

When sending email from a Plesk server, i get error

This is beccause amavis service is not running. It is supposed to be run in port 10024

amavisd error

When i try to start amavis service, i get error

This is becuase Perl DBI module was missing. On Ubuntu server, i found the package that provide this with command “apt-cache search”. To fix the error, install package libdbd-mysql-perl.

After installing this, i try start amavis again. I got differnt error

To find package that provide DBD::mysql, i used command

To fix, install the package

I am able to start amavis service with command

In Plesk > Extensions > Plesk Email Security now shows Amavis, Postfix and Dovecot running properly.

Plesk Mail Security Extension

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