CentOS 7 Plesk server DNS not starting

On a CentOS 7 Plesk server DNS failed to start. Plesk on CentOS 7 use named-chroot.service for starting DNS.

I tried to start DNS with

systemctl restart named-chroot

On checking status, it shows DNS failed to start

systemctl status named-chroot

I removed Bind DNS server using command

plesk installer

Removed all bind related packages with yum. Removed all DNS configs from /etc and /var/named folder.

Reinstalled Bind DNS and run plesk repair to fix DNS entry

plesk repair dns

But it did not resolve the problem. I checked named.conf with

named-checkconf /etc/named.conf

It showned error is related with

acl common-allow-transfer {;

Problem is fixed by removing the entry “” from

Plesk > Tools & Settings > DNS Zone Template > Transfer Restrictions Template

You can use IP or CIDR here. But you don’t need this if you don’t have secondary DNS servers.

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