How to upgrade Plesk on Windows Server?

To upgrade Plesk control panel to the latest version on Windows Server, do the following

1) Log in to Windows Server using RDP.

2) Start command prompt as user Administrator.

3) Update Pleks by applying the latest patches to the current version of plesk.

In the command prompt.

4) Upgrade plesk to newer version with the command

This will show a list of Plesk versions available, you need to specify release_id, for example

Upgrade Plesk on Windows Server

5) In case you get any error related to the extension, remove it and install it again after the upgrade is done. To remove a plugin, use the command

Plesk Upgrade Errors

During the upgrade, if you get the following error

Download the file

Replace C:\Plesk\admin\conf\cacert.pem with the downloaded file.

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