Plesk MySQL upgrade 5.1 to 5.5

When trying to restore a database backup taken on MariaDB 5.5.56 on a Plesk server running MySQL 5.1, i get error

[root@xap ~]# mysql admin_dollsweb < admin_dollsweb.sql ERROR 1273 (HY000) at line 25: Unknown collation: 'utf8mb4_unicode_ci' [root@xap ~]#

This is because MySQL 5.1 do not support utf8mb4_unicode_ci.

Solution 1

You can find and replace utf8mb4_unicode_ci with utf8_general_ci

One problem with this is you may lose some characters if the DB use the new charsets supported by utf8mb4_unicode_ci. utf8mb4_unicode_ci For most sites these won’t be a problem. utf8mb4_unicode_ci support latest emoji chars.

Solution 2

Upgrade MySQL to version 5.5 or newer.

On Plesk server, do the following steps

When asked, type “yes” to enable the repo.

Upgrade MySQL with

Restart MySQL

Upgrade MySQL database with

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