How to Recover MySQL Table Structure from .frm File

To recover MySQL table structure from .frm file, you can use dbsake. You can find dbsake documentation at To

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When taking backup of a MySQL database, i got error This error happens when connection between your MySQL client and

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I wanted to Migrate MySQL from one server to another. Usually, I could just copy over the MySQL data directory

How to disable MySQL X Protocol (mysqlx_port)

After installing MySQL 8 and checking listening ports with “netstat -lntp”, you will see MySQL is listening on ports 3306

Limit disk used by MySQL binary log files

You can use following config to keep 7 days bin log After modifying the configuration file, you will need to

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MySQL 5.7 is not supported on Ubuntu 22.04, but you can download MySQL 5.7 for Ubuntu 18.04 and install it

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How to Repair MyISAM Tables

MyISAM tables (.MYI and .MYD) can be repaired using myisamchk command. To find list of corrupted tables To rapier a

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When backing up a MySQL database using mysqldump command, I got the following error. The error is due to open_files_limit

How to fix InnoDB: ERROR: the age of the last checkpoint

On a MySQL server, the error log keeps getting the following error message The error is because you are trying

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When transferring a website from one Cpanel server to another server running MySQL 8, I got the following error message