MariaDB Change Open Files Limit

When using systemctl, you can set value for open_files_limit in my.cnf file.

Default installation of MariaDB 10 have open_files_limit set to 16384.

MariaDB open_files_limit

To increase value for open_files_limit, create file


Reload systemctl

Restart mariadb

After doing this, it get changed to 32184 instead of 1048576 we specified in limitnofile.conf

MariaDB open_files_limit

To fix this edit

On Cpanel/RHEL

On Ubuntu/Debian

Under [mysqld], add

Now after restarting MariaDB, i get 1048576 for open_files_limit.

This value depends on kernals fs.nr_open parameter. If the value is low, you can increase by editing


Then make it active with command

To see current value, you can run

To set the value for the current session, run

Plesk Debian 8 General error: 23 Out of resources when opening


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