Modify Apache Virtual Host for a site in Cpanel Server

On Cpanel server Apache configuration file get recreated every time you modify or add a new web site. In cause you need to modify VirtualHost entry for a web site hosted in cpanel, you should not edit /etc/apache2/conf/httpd.conf file.

If you open /etc/apache2/conf/httpd.conf and check virtual host entry for a web site, you will see line like

in non-ssl and ssl virtual host entry for a domain. To modify virtual host entry, you need to create the folder, then create a file with extension .conf

Then rebuilt httpd.conf by running

During rebuild, the script will check for the conf file, if found the line get uncommented (remove # from beginning of Include line).

For a web site, i need to protect it with password. This is a feature available in cpanel, but i want it done on server side, so no one accidently make this site public by deleting .htacess.

To do this, i created folders

In this cause, cpanel user name is “serverok” and the web site url is

I created .conf file in both folders

Add content

Restart Apache with

Now when i visit the web site, it ask for password. We have not yet created password file, so create it with

See Cpanel Server, Apache

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