Stop SSH bruteforce with endlessh

Endlessh is an open source SSH trapit. It send slow random banner string to attacker, wasting their time. Before you install endlessh, you need to change your SSH port to a higher non default port. To do this edit


Replace with

If the line is commented with #, uncomment it. Now […]

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SSL Life Time Reduced to 397 days

Due to changes in Apple, Mozilla and Google Root Store Policies, as of September 1, 2020, newly issued SSL/TLS certificates with a validity period greater than 13 months (397 days) are prohibited by policy and will not be trusted. […]

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Online Malware Scanner for websites Scan a folder with clamscan maldet Tools Forums Blogs […]

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Tripwire is a data integrity tool for monitoring and alerting file and directory changes. To install, run

Generate keys Run

This ask you to enter password. Creating Database

You need to edit file

customise it for your system or you may get file/directory not found errors. Checking for changes


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Install ModSecurity on Debian Disable ModSecurity for a specific URL ModSecurity is a Web Application Firewall. Protect sites from SQL injection and Application level hacking. To install ModSecurity on Ubuntu/Debian with Apache, run

verify Apache module is installed with

Enable config file

Update config

Restart Apache


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