Manage XenServer from command line with xe

xe command is used to manage XenServer from command line

To list VM, run


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CentOS 7 configure: error: Cannot find libtidy

When compiling PHP 7 on CentOS 7, i got error

To fix this, install libtidy-devel module.


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Installing Redis PHP module CentOS 7

Lets search for available redis packages

In this server, we have PHP 7.0 installed. So we need to install packages for PHP 7.0 Here are the two packages for PHP 7.0

Install it with yum

Now you need to restart web server, generally restarting apache will do. In this cause PHP is […]

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vShare Nginx Config

Here is Nginx Configuration for vShare youtube clone script […]

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Installing Redis On CentOS 7

To install Redis on CentOS, run yum install redis Start redis with

Set redis to start on boot

Verify redis is running with


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InnoDB: space header page consists of zero bytes in tablespace

On a server, starting MySQL i get following error

This was because the server used InnoDB database engine and my.cnf was not configured properly. First i removed the log files.

Now i edit /etc/my.cnf as follows

This MySQL config is based on /usr/share/doc/mysql-server-5.1.73/my-innodb-heavy-4G.cnf provided my MySQL.

You can also see this […]

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huawei e8231 usb modeswitch

By default, device work in Mass Storage mode

Create file

With following content

To switch to Modem Mode, run

If it worked, device will change to modem mode

Notice it changed name, also device ID changed to 14dc. ifconfig will list a new network interface usb0


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getting huawei e8231 work on ubuntu 14.04

After connecting, i get following in lsusb

It says “Mass storage mode”. If you check demesg, you will see

Last line says, device mounted as “/dev/sr1”

Changing Device Mode to Modem I found some information about the device in file

It says device can operate as products “14db” and “14dc”. […]

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set default view to list in nemo file manager

By default files are displayed with “Icon View” I prefer list view. To set default view in Nemo, go to


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