lighttpd mod alias

mod_alias lighttpd module allow you to map urls to file system. For example, you need /mrtg show /var/www/mrtg You need to first enable mod_alias in lighttpd.conf


and remove the comment # on “mod_alias” line. It should look like

To add alias, add following in lighttpd.conf

If you need to add […]

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Can’t locate Parallel/ in @INC

On running a perl program, i get error

Lets search with yum and see which package provide ForkManager.

To fix install perl-Parallel-ForkManager.noarch

See errors […]

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hMailServer is a free Open Source Mail Server for Windows. Delete mail queue in hmailserver hMailServer connection to imap server failed […]

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hMailServer connection to imap server failed

To Fix the error Change Auto-ban setting and restart hMailserver hMail IMAP server failed Try Disabling Firewall Click Start, Run and type:

See hMailServer […]

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Delete mail queue in hmailserver

Hmail store mails in folder

Delete all .EML files from Data Directory. Do not delete folders inside Data, that is users data. Go to Data Directory (C:\hMailServer\Data\) in command prompt and run below command.

If you have lot of mails in queue, it may take some time to finish. See hmailserver […]

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Enable remote desktop in xubuntu

Install vino

Configure Vino Configure vino, run

Start vino on boot XFCE settings > Session and Startup > Add

Now restart the computer. See Ubuntu […]

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iptables -F lock me out

After i type

server goes down. Can’t connect to web or ssh, seems all connection is locked by iptables. SOLUTION This is because the chain policy for the firewall input chain was set to DROP check with “iptables –list” you will see “Chain INPUT (policy DROP)”.

If this is the case, before you […]

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Install vnc server on CentOS 5

NOTE: CentOS 5 reached its End of Life on March 31, 2017. For installing VNC desktop on CentOS 7, see Install Xfce VNC remote desktop on CentOS 7 Install GUI on Sever To find available desktop environments

To install gnome


For XFCE, install

XFCE file size in fedora 12 […]

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MailEnable Delete old logs

Create a new file with file name del_smtp_log.bat in C:\Program Files\Mail Enable\Logging with following commands.

See MailEnable […]

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