rtorrent is a command line torrent client. https://github.com/rakshasa/rtorrent This can be run from SSH connection/terminal. CTRL + S Start torrent. CTRL + Q Quit torrent. CTRL + D Delete selected torrent. You can use arrow keys to select torrent to delete. Download Magnet Link 1. Press Enter 2. Paste Magnet link. 3. Press Enter. […]

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WordPress bitnami

Install LetsEncrypt SSL on Bitnami To stop/start service use ctlscript.sh

To stop MySQL, run

To disable Banner on WordPress site, run

Disable MySQL in Bitnami instance after moving Database to RDS

Apache Config VirtualHost entry for wordpress is available on file


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Open Source Mail Suits https://www.zimbra.org https://www.open-xchange.com https://kopano.io Complete Mail Server These software once installed will provide complete mail server including web mail. iRedMail Mail-in-a-Box https://mailcow.email/ Business Email Yandex Connect Google G Suite Amazon Workmail Free Email Forwarding https://improvmx.com/ Webmail https://sogo.nu Email Marketing Email Marketing SenderScore.org IP Reputation Check https://meteoremails.com – Free Open Source Email Marketing […]

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Amazon EFS

Amazon EFS can be used to mount same drive on multiple EC2 instances allowing you to make web site scale on multiple web servers. To mount EFS drive on Ubuntu, you need to install

To mount a EFS drive, run

Here is fstab entry for to auto mount efs on boot. Here it […]

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WordPress Cron

To disable wordpress cronjob, add

to end of wp-config.php Now you can set a cronjob with following code


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Nginx Configuration for phpMyAdmin

On Debian 9 server with nginx, i installed phpmyadmin with

For some reason, ip-address/phpmyadmin did not work. On Ubuntu, it normally ask for for web server you have installed, then configure it during install. I got this working by adding following code

Inside default nginx virtual host

Restart nginx with

Now […]

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vnstat command shows bandwidth usage on your system.

Bandwidth usage by day


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Configure OVH Bridge Network from command line Configure Failover IP in Ubuntu 18.04 OVH VPS OVH VPS Configure failover IP in Ubuntu Debian 9 OVH Bridge Network Configuration Configure Networking in Fedora 28 OVH Proxmox Ubuntu Ubuntu Server 20.04 set static IP with netplan CentOS CentOS add IP Address one by one Adding IP Range […]

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Enable Static External IP in Google Cloud

By default when you create a Compute Engine virtual machine in Google Cloud, you get public IP address. This IP address changes when you ever shutdown down your instance. To avoid IP getting changed, you need to reserve the IP address to do this, you need to change type of IP address from Ephemeral to […]

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