WordPress Updating with FTP

To update wordpress from admin area, you need to be running web server as the user owning files. This is not possible when you run PHP as apache module. To fix this, you need to edit your wp-config.php and add following to end of the file.

You can read about about this at https://codex.wordpress.org/Editing_wp-config.php#WordPress_Upgrade_Constants […]

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Game Server Control Panel Multiplayer Game Servers Photon Server – 100 clients free. – require Windows server to run. […]

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Game Server Control Panel

Here are some control panel for game hosting pterodactyl Open Source, Free. Using Laravel PHP framework, Docker. Limited game support. https://pterodactyl.io TCADMIN This is popular game hosting control panel. It is $15 per month http://www.tcadmin.com GameCP Cost $4 per month. Look like outdated software. I installed this, did not work. There is no support. Tickets […]

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Rsync backup with X days retention rsync Backup with tar Backup Webite to Amazon S3 https://rdiff-backup.net/ Backup Linux Server with rsnapshot Backup Software – Open Source borgbackup.org Bareos Bacula elkarbackup – GUI for rsnapshot/rsync. https://backuppc.github.io/backuppc/ https://github.com/rsnapshot/rsnapshot http://www.amanda.org Backup Software Veeam R1Soft jetbackup MySQL Backup automysqlbackup Plesk MySQL Daily Backup Script MySQL Backup using mysqldump […]

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SSL Life Time Reduced to 397 days https://serverok.in/redirect Letsencrypt Amazon Linux Invalid command SSLEngine Purchase SSL Convert SSL certificate into PFX format Remove SSL private key password Apache Auto Renew SSL on Password Protected site Create dhparam.pem Find expiry date for SSL certificate using openssl SSL Install Apache SSL Nginx SSL self signed ssl SSL […]

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HTTP 301 Redirect using PHP Redirect a site to HTTPS using PHP Redirect a site to www using PHP Redirect HTTP to HTTPS when using Reverse Proxy Redirect site from www to non-www Redirect site to HTTPS excluding a folder Redirect a folder to another Fix Canonical URL using .htaccess Nginx Nginx Redirect Nginx remove […]

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Plesk MySQL Daily Backup Script

Create file

With following content

Make it executable

Set it to run as cronjob


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crontab Start a program after reboot using cronjob Running wp-cron with cronjob Cronjob for Magento 1.9 set vi as default cronjob editor To save result of a cronjob to a file, use

To list all cronjob, run

To edit all cronjobs, run

Disable cronjob output To disable cronjob output, add following to […]

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perl: warning: Falling back to a fallback locale (“C.UTF-8”).

On a Linux server, if the language is different, you can change it to English for the current session by running


See current language

List Available Languages

Change langauage

locale-gen […]

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How to cut lines separated by multiple spaces? Here is an example of cut command, that will remove all PHP packages from system

Get user names

Display users with SSH enabled

List all IPs that have accessed admin area from Apache Log

See Linux Commands […]

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