Create CS:GO Server in Pterodactyl

Go to Admin > Servers

Pterodactyl Game Servers

Click “Create New” button. On next screen

pterodactyl create game server

Most of the settings are self explanatory, here are some of the important settings.

Server Owner = select a existing user from drop down.
Default Allocation = this is server IP:Port combination. If nothing shows for you, you need to add allocation under your Node settings. Admin > Nodes > Allocation
Memory = 4000 MB
Swap = 4000 MB
Disk Space = 20000 MB (game use 16 GB disk space, so give it 20 GB to be safe, if you don’t give enough disk space, game won’t start).
CPU Limit = 0

Service Configuration

Service = Source Engine
Option = Custom Source Engine Game

Startup Configuration

Game ID = 740
Game Name = csgo

Click “Create Server”

This take sever minutes depending on your internet speed as it need to download 16 GB of files. You can see logs for download in folder.

You can determine RANDOM_FOLDER_NAME by checking the date, so you know correct folder name for the newly created server.

One game server is started, it won’t allow you to join as it is in LAN mode. Before anyone can join, you need to create Token at

Add it to your csgo/cfg/game.cfg file, this can be done in file manager.

This need to be done as user (not admin, click exit admin button on right-top menu). Now restart game sever, you will be able to connect.

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