Running Apache VirtualHost under separate user with mpm-itk

Apache MPM ITK

mpm-itk allow you to run Apache VirtualHost under a specific user/group instead of under the Apache user/group. On Debian/Ubuntu Apache web server is run under user www-data. When you host multiple websites under an Apache server, running all sites under the same www-data user allows a hacker to access files of other sites if one […]

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Apache Location

To only allow requests from a specific IP to a location, use

Add custom headers based on location


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Find what MPM model Apache is using

Apache is the most popular web server, it is Open Source and modular. Multi-Processing Modules (MPM) in Apache decides how Apache listens to the network and handles the incoming requests. Apache have many MPM Modules (Multi-Processing Modules), the most popular among them are Prefork, worker, and Event. You can only activate one Apache MPM at […]

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Starting httpd: (99)Cannot assign requested address

On a server, when i restart apache, i got the error

The error was due to Apache trying to bind to an IP address, that is no longer present in the server. This is fixed by modifying /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf Replace


See Apache […]

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Apache Auto Renew SSL on Password Protected site

I have a web site that is password protected using Apache basic autenticiation. I used following code in Apache config to password protect.

The problem is when SSL need auto renew, it need url like http://domain/.well-known/ to be accessable with out any password for domain ownership verification. To allow .well-known folder to be accessable […]

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